Cloud banned and no response after 4 months


Hello, I’ve been cloud banned for several months now and really don’t know why, I’ve contacted support several times but to no response, I’m new here so excuse me, but does anyone know how can I appeal?


You should PM @milla but today she’s not gonna response you she is in rest day but maybe tomorrow can saw those Pm then response soon as possible


I can’t seem to pm @milla
Could it be that because I’m new here?


Yep. Scroll around for a while and you should be abe to pm her.


You’ll get a faster response here on the forums than via support emails.


Click this sentence to be magically teleported to a guide on how to PM! (Note: The UI and look of the forum is different comparing the pictures but the steps still are the same)


What is your IGN?


I don’t like inconsistency. Especially for something important like user guides.

I just updated most of the images in the PM guide and changed the wording accordingly.