Cloud banned - what to do?

Same took a long break and came back and it said I was banned from using the cloud, im not sure if its permanent or not…

if you feel the cloud ban was a mistake, pm Milla and she’ll be in touch with you asap, she should have a reason stated for your ban.

The best thing to do when banned is to email support at or private message me here, which you have done. Posting publicly not so much :slight_smile:

I’m about to reply to your PM.

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Can cloud bans occur randomly?

Cloud bans usually have a reason, but sometimes people can get falsely banned. They do not just simply ban you without a reason. :slight_smile:

@WumboJumbo @Lord-Hyness I’m not sure, but sometimes it happens. I have no clue how, but it does. but what I do know that it is a rare occurrence.

therefore, I can’t have an official say on accidental bannin because that’s what Milla handles and she’s the only one who knows :slight_smile:

Cloud bans always have a reason, and I’ve never banned anyone without good reason. That said, I always hear them out. Since I keep notes, logs, and screenshots for my bans, it’d be tough to prove no grounds for a ban, though. The most common argument is that it wasn’t them. Since it’s their account we have to assume it’s them. Don’t let other people use your stuff, guys. That’s a good lesson to learn.

Very occasionally, if a ban happened a while back, I will permit someone back on probation, as a kid can mature a lot on a short period, but fresh bans stay put for the most part.

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Milla, it’s me you’re looking for? It’s been months, but I’m cloud banned to, I’ve been trying to make an account here earlier so I asked my friends for help and now I had to use my friends account, but enough of that, milla may you help me? Please? I just want to be with my blockheads friends, I’m sorry for leaking someone’s personal information. :cry:

I’ve private messaged you on this account. Once you’ve read that kindly don’t use your friend’s account again. It’s against the rules.

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Hey milla I have not used this forum before but I’m on the blockheads for the first time in a while and I was cloud banned could you help me please

How do I pm you milla?

Read a couple threads to earn a trust level then you can message milla. She probably won’t respond until Monday at the earliest