Cloud Banned with No Reason

I’ve been cloud banned on two accounts: my main and alt. I’ve only started replaying bh about a month ago on my main since the update of servers costing rl money, and I was banned out of nowhere with no reason given. In my 4-5 years of playing bh on my main I’ve never been cloud banned before until now, in just a month of playing again. I don’t hack or bully, and I’ve never used inappropriate imagery or text. It’s no big deal because I’m sure it’s a mistake so I email support and afterwards, I go onto my alt which I’ve barely played on since redownloading a month ago. I find that I’m cloud banned on there too which puzzles me because they have 2 different SIDs and it doesn’t even make sense because I know I haven’t done anything even remotely wrong on there. I seldom even go on there. Were my cloud bans on purpose? And if they were, what did I do on each account to get them?

(I’ll pm milla this when I eventually get the power to.)

my main username is cxmer0n

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Hate to say it but someone was going around stealing accounts and doing super
Inappropriate things on them getting people cloud banned so that might be the case also browse around on the forums to get trust lvl
1 should only
About 10-15 minutes

ohh ok that makes sense also tysm

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No proplem you did the right thing by emailing support and coming here instead of leaving this

@milla please review this as this as Ben happening to many people and may be something Dave has to look into

Many people?

I have already seen 4 cases this being the fourth and o believe there are more

Please don’t spread inaccurate information. It is not only misleading. It can lead to fear of the impossible.

@cxmeron: I replied to your support email on this issue and will continue to support you there as a result.