[CLOUD] Civilization 2.0 (New Server!)

Server Created Monday, Dec 9, 2019.
Welcome to Civilization 2.0!
Civilization 2.0 is based on Civilization (The Mac Server).
As you can guess, Civilization is based on cities. You can live in a city, or even create your own!
A New Seed
Civilization 2.0 comes with a newly generated world, too!
Explore the mountains to the East or enjoy the sunset in the Western Plains.
Message Bot
Occasionally, I can get away from other games, and turn on the message bot. Explore quests, a new currency, and more!

  1. Obey all the local laws
  2. No cussing/swearing
  3. No impersonating others
  4. Follow staffs words. Follow TheRabbitKing’s words over admins words, and follow admins words over mods words
  5. No hacking
  6. No duping or any other exploit or glitch
  7. No Griefing
  8. All usernames, blockhead names, profile images, and painting images must be family friendly

Discover New Areas

Area List

To make a new city or an area, just find open land and claim it!
Regions (Like Countries):
Western Regions

  • Western Plains
    Eastern Regions
  • Eastern Mountains

Eastern Mountains

  • Hillside Village

Search “Civilization 2.0” in the Blockheads
Or use the link below:

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Awesome! I can’t wait to join!

Unfortunately, our server was trolled.
An entire city destroyed, items lost, and more.
If you know who did this, please let me know.

If you’d like a rollback PM me.