Cloud Outage - May 30 02:30 UTC


Hi guys

Just to let you know, our hosting provider (Linode) is having a major outage right now which is affecting the Blockheads server cloud. You may not be able to load worlds or use the owner portal. Sorry for the problems, and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Linode are providing status updates here:


oh nooo [emoji33] awww @vyyv @isa<3 thanks for the heads up hope itll be resolved soon




No wonder! I restarted my Wifi and my iPad 3 times thinking it was one or the other… Anyways hope this gets fixed soon :smiley:


They posted a new update:

So, it should be fixed in about an hour.


Seems like the servers might be running their handcart wheels soon… yay
Here’s some news…

Update - Our upstream provider has provided a new estimated time to restoration of 10:00PM PDT.
May 30, 04:37 UTC


It’s good to see you on the forums! (Even if it’s a forum with bad news) :frowning:

I’m glad this issue isn’t me! I’m going through blockhead withdrawal! :slight_smile:


Oh whew! That clears that up thank you so much for this thread. :thumbsup:
Had the same problem Lollipop - your home world server seems to be up and running though (just an FYI) :lol:


hahahah we’re up and running now


Ok am right in guessing , that things being fixed still , all my worlds stuck in starting mode lol

And weirdly I can’t post picture can only put url link in , not choose from my picture library


Don’t worry , never land is still standing strong , one of the few cloud servers you can still connect to…
Mac servers aren’t affected at all , so any one who has a Mac server or has access to a Mac server can play online


oh noooooo… no wonder I can’t join my server… Hope it gets fixed soon! :lol:


I declare today a no blockhead day , today it erm doing thing we forgotten to do like I dunno homework. Meet with friends or if u like me soon bored n watching u tube vids lol , I already been out done shopping , kids on there devices lol I need find a back up game lol


Nooooo! Not today! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I guess I could work on some html while I wait… :whistling:


Oh :o XD No wonder. I was freaking out, checking for an update. Any knowledge for when its fixed?


u can always play on your sp world :slight_smile:


Ahhh thew! Glad it’s just that then :smiley: like the others I thought there was something else wrong. Came on the forum (I’ve rarely used) to see if there was a solution. Thankfully you had already reported the cause which helped a lot so cheers!


So is it still off?


I think so or at least it’s still not working for me anyway. Just gonna have to be patient. [FONT=Impact]^_^[/FONT]


Few recent updates:
Monitoring - We are still actively working with a couple servers and will open support tickets with affected customers. Utility power has been restored and the faulty generator is now fully functional. We will continue to monitor for issues and await an official RFO from the datacenter which we will post early next week.
May 30, 13:48 UTC
Update - We have about 13 damaged servers left and are working on transplanting their drives to hot-spare servers.

Sounds like BH will be up and running soon :smiley: