Cloud Outage - May 30 02:30 UTC


I’m still down :sweat: What else am I supposed to waste my time on XD


If only it happens next week or so… x)
Next week I’m going on a trip with school, so 1 week without The BHs + 1 week-end without it because of this issue, lol.


I feel you xD I’m going on a trip with my family for 3 weeks next Thursday and I was hoping to get a lot of work done on my friend’s server today.


Lol I feel your pain, that’s terrible >.< still, it shouldn’t be much longer anyway! Optimism! XD




It’s still off for me. Hoping it will be working soon, but in the meantime I’m trying to circumnavigate another sp world without any benches, use of tc, or meditation. It should be easier this time, since, I learned a lot the first time around.

Btw, so glad this thread is here. Nice to know The problem isn’t because I’ve been banned from blockhqds or something terrible like that!!! :sick:


Yesterday I really had problems with my username so I’ve changed my username, I added a space on the first, but now I can’t join to any servers even if i have a connection.


Yet another update:

Apparently, it should be working now. I’ll try to get on.


No it’s still not working I just tried…


Not working for me either.


not working for me…;O


From Linode

Resolved - At this time, all hardware issues in Fremont have been resolved, and all Linodes should be booting. If you’re experiencing any issues booting your Linode, please open a support ticket.

Some Linodes in Fremont are experiencing network connectivity issues. If your Linode in Fremont is experiencing network connectivity issues, a reboot of your Linode should resolve them. If the issues persist after you’ve rebooted your Linode, please open a support ticket.

Ummm so what now ?


It says All Systems Operational
But The Blockheads still does not work for me… I’m confuzzled


Same here uggggh


Heheh I said it be a no blockheads day lol




It’s actually still off for me. :frowning: :frowning: Who is going to check on the apartment complex!! :ouch:

How does one open a support ticket?


I have no idea, I think you need an account…


They say it should be working now, but I am still having the same problem. Heres what they said:


I would guess that only customers of Linode can open a ticket. That is not you but Majic Jungle.