Cloud Outage - May 30 02:30 UTC


Thx for the heads up dave!


1:36 Here and still not working at all :confused:


urgh… like more than thousand people proby waiting for it to get on again.


yeah i agree my blockheads started not working when my ipad ran out of battery in the middle of a duel

still doesn’t work for me 2:50 here u.s. east time


It shows there are some people on servers now, but I am still unable to get on. :cry:
But… no other servers work for me!! :ouch:


It stay frozen on the loading page :frowning:


same :frowning:


I guess ill have to sleep first hopefully when i wake up this nightmare is already finish


im trying to join Pletopia… but i cant it says Please wait… and you can wait like an hour its still not connecting:(


Down time 17 n half hours in UK lol


still waiting… its showing me how much players there are on a server but i cant join any server.

they better fixed it soon…



Some are up, some are not. And some of the ones that are up, like Skeeve’s Giant Empire are crashing repeatedly.


oki… there are so many servers on with like 13 people on but i cant join. just says the same thing…


I guess we still have to wait some more time, the servers are coming back on for everyone soon.


Hi guys. So Linode had their data center up and running a few hours ago, but most of the servers still weren’t actually reachable. It was bad timing as here in NZ we were all asleep thinking everything was working again!

I’ve now gone in and hopefully fixed the remaining issues, but will be monitoring closely in case there are still lingering problems.

I’m really sorry for the problems, hopefully we’re out of the woods now!


Good:) Thank you Dave:)


Most servers seem to be working now :smiley:


still dont work for me:(


What’s not working, are you unable to join any worlds at all? Or one specific world?


i cant join Pletopia and Tulip-Central. for some reason.