Cloud Outage - May 30 02:30 UTC


I could join Tulip Central, but not Pletopia. Everything else seems to work for me.


I can’t join Skeeves Gigantic Empire… :frowning:


Says “Server Error (500)” when I try to hit Pletopia’s lists or console. All of the other worlds Cricket owns are functional. Tried rebooting. Says “Failed: Unknown Error.” Second time I tried it, it said “Failed: World is not online”


i cant join anything now the server is offline for me.


Really? I can join every server/sp I have except Pletopia


My SP worlds work but I am not able to get on any other multiplayer worlds. Very frustrating. Waiting patiently.


One of the nodes had a disk issue which is now resolved, Tulip-Central was on that server and now seems to be OK. Pletopia was also on that server and is not starting, I’m still trying to figure out why. If anyone else is having issues, please let me know the world name.

Edit - I have restored Pletopia to the latest valid backup which was a couple of days ago, and it seems to be running fine now.


If it helps any, Pletopia was a 1.6 beta server.


it says im not whitelisted to pletopia… xP


Pletopia works for me now!

Rockwid it might have been pushed back to when the server was whitelisted? Idk


probly. oh nooo my house:( my moneyy xD


Skeeves Gigantic Empire is having issues. Not letting me and possible the others not connect

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Yes, it was pushed back before the public opening. I was just on with bucket. Some cabinets I placed a few days before opening were also gone.


urgh… i guess ill need to wait to the opening ;O


I am having the same problem. It loads to a point then stops.


Good to know I’m not the only one experiencing this problem…


Sorry about having to roll back, but it’s the safest thing to do. It actually looks like that server might have been experiencing file system faults before the outage, so it’s probably just as well we picked it up now and not later. I’ll look into Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire shortly.


It doesn’t have to be. Why doesn’t it just be an sp blockheads day today instead?
Frankly, as a 10-yr old, I get very bored playing an sp. Maybe I’ll finally complete Celestial Hills (a baseworld) and Caramel Springs (candy-themed sp.) I might also be using my tc mining world for once.


im okay with that. ill get even more stuff xP :slight_smile: thanks for making the server even working…:slight_smile:


Wow. I just found out about this. :o
According to the link provided by Dave, Linode says everything’s working fine but I can’t connect to server worlds. Oh well. Hope everything works out all right :smiley: