Cloud Outage - May 30 02:30 UTC


Wow. This thread exploded. I didn’t notice the servers weren’t on. I was too busy working on SP.


Me neither. I haven’t played BH in a while, and the last time I did I was getting stuff from Terraria Land and Crystal Bay from my portal chest into my single player world. But I might start playing again, since I’m on summer break now.


I really appreciate Dave. Even though it was set back a week, we’re very fortunate it was able to be restored :] Thanks!


Are people still unable to connect to Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire? I just connected fine, so perhaps it has come right?


It still doesn’t let me in. I don’t see anyone on either. I stay stuck on the loading page and then it says Disconnected The connection was lost…


Hi Dave, SGE keeps disconnecting after we got on. It seems to disconnect as soon as a bh start doing an activity.


I can’t seem to connect at all…


Ah, I’ve found the issue with SGE, it also needs to be restored from the latest backup, so I’m doing that now. It should be working again shortly once the restore finishes (could take a little while, it’s a huge world!).


oiiii… good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you Dave! :thumbsup:


Has this been fixed yet?
Some worlds I still can’t join.


I am still having that problem. So, I created a new name and that seemed to connect. My main name is still not working. At SGE.


Why is SGE different? It seems like it got a rollback… A VERY BIG ROLL BACK! Everything is gone :cry:


Dave, can you confirm if it has already been restored or not? Right now the world is an absolute mess and players are panicking because they think this might be the state AFTER you restored it


By the looks of SGE, the latest backup was 2 years ago. Unless majicDave got the wrong date.


Not exactly. Because the fragment of the spawn building is the NEW spawn building with towers. But all the rest looks like on day one. And all players have lost their BHs and have to start with a freah BH. So the world’s files seem to be messed up in a big way. I do hope this is the state Dave tries to fix and not the state after he fixed it


That is the confusing part.


So it turns out we have also been having some issues with backups over the past few days :frowning: terrible timing. I believe the restore has worked, but it looks like for SGE the most recent backup was from about a week ago, the 24th of May. Does that sound correct for what you are seeing?


Guys, this is going to take a while, sorry. My workload just increased dramatically. We are supposed to be having a long weekend here but I am working, please be patient while I work my way through the flood of emails. I’ve had as many emails today as we normally get in a week.


Not at all. As far as I can see, The world looks like on day one. No building, no rails, no palace, just black fog. Only the red marble spawn building looks like the new one from recent times