Cloud Outage - May 30 02:30 UTC


Server was running a few seconds ago and it seems to have crashed all of a sudden. Hoping its Dave working his majic to fix SGE :wink:
(see what i did there? :P)


There are the occasional remains of an old building. I think that not everything is gone. I just need to find supplies, or better yet, a portal chest.


OK thanks, something went wrong, I am trying again.

Edit: I’ve at least downloaded the latest backup and run it here and it is all good, and pretty recent. So don’t panic, we’ll be able to restore it as soon as we can figure out why the restore process is failing. I think it’s just because it’s such a big world that it’s taking too long and something is timing out.


Alrighty Dave. Passed the message on to the player here with me right now. We are very grateful to have you helping us fix the server. Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you for keeping us updated Dave :smiley:


Thx for the good news Dave. So everybody on the server can calm down a bit now.
Things always go wrong at the weekends, don’t they


True dat!


I cant seem to join my own server ;( the name is alternia. Its password protected. But anyway, i cant join it but i can use the owners portal


Can I get an estimated time for SGE to be up and running? (UTC please)


Thanks Dave for keeping us up to date. Your effort is much appreciated, especially on a long weekend.


Hi Dave, we’re still unable to connect to our server as well. The message we get is “sorry, this world is currently unavailable due to an error”


That’s weird… I got onto the cloud. :?


Any one having problems again ?
Im having problem with my world
Its says server error 500 :frowning:


Buckets world pletopia reverted back to a fetus world (aka it’s suddenly a new world…)


Can you do the same to Pletopia? Everything seemed fine last night, but when I came on this morning, I got tons of PMs of people freaking out because #1 spawn is in a different place, #2 there are no admins, #3 it is (as Nitro puts it) back to “fetus” condition. Please help?


Server error 500 is an internal error. I believe this means there is a problem with the server, not you. Try reloading the app, or perhaps come back later. Are you sure it doesn’t say 504, Gateway Timeout?


Its okay now sorry for that

And yes it say server error 500( in my owner portal


Uh, anyone else cant get on any servers again?
Or is it just me??


Same problem here, linode doesn’t report any problems though…

Stuck on searching for my world, though I am able to restart it and such in the owner portal. Patience is hard when I want to play :wink:


I found out about this problem with that connection error, however today I logged in and my server works! I hope other people are experiencing this luck as well.