Cloud Outage - May 30 02:30 UTC


SGE still isn’t working…


Hi Dave,

The server world PAW WARS is still having issue…it won’t connect for me, when I go in with a new nickname it works for a minute but then disconnects. The owner portal works though…the owner IGN is Ryan:d. Thank you for all your hard work!




Just now I am having a problem with my server called Give and Take. When I try to join, it gives me a screen that says ‘searching…’. I was waiting for 5 minutes and it would still not load. I asked a friend to try to get on, and this is happening to them too, so it isn’t my device. I was able to connect just fine a few hours ago. I went to owner portal, and the server was online. I tried restarting it, but it said ‘Failed: Unknown Error’.

Thank you,
Toad :slight_smile:

Edit: ok, whatever it was I am able to connect now :slight_smile:


same problem. i cann’t join my server since saturday.
the server is called haze paradise
and the owner is Maffii


Hi guys,
Just so you know - Cloud World owners need to contact Support [at] theblockheads [dot] net for issues because your email will generate a support ticket and place it in a queue. This thread might get a response - but it is not the official way to handle a support request.


My cloud world New Coaldust is down, too. The owner’s portal says the world is “stopping”. This is the second time after the Great Cloud Outage. Other worlds are down, too. And I see a lot of reports on the forums about unaccessible cloud worlds.
May I kindly ask Majic Jungle to explain the situation? Are we still seeing the aftermath of the Great Cloud Outage? Are you still working on getting all worlds running again? Or are these issues completely unrelated and every one of them needs a support ticket to be opened?


Ronnie, that’s not anything to do with this outage. It’s a problem we sometimes get when a world hangs while starting or stopping. Email support and I’ll escalate it to Dave for fixing.


its been solve now woot


No wonder. For the past few day I thought my wifi which i decided to name Joey kept going out on me.


Linode, huh? Anybody know if this is a good dedicated host?
Whoops, took a closer look and saw it was a VPS. Darn Linode, yer sneaky.


It seems like Dave would not have picked them if they weren’t…


anyone here who is still can’t be able to enter/join their server? or it’s just me?? mine loads at a certain point and shows “Disconnected, Connection was lost.” but i can use the owner portal, says world is “Running”.


no you are not alone:) i still can’t join my server too


oh, i thought i’m the only one. xD thanks for the reply. have a great day! :smiley:


Please restore my server…

Owner name:Muhammad Mirza M

Server name:Bandar Raya Metropolis

Last played:25 May 2015


For the past few days, SGE has not been working. I am beginning to think that it is an unrelated issue.


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U need to contact support if u hVe already plz be patent , I still have server down also

True Ronnie I deleted it :slight_smile: already reported x