Cloud Outage - May 30 02:30 UTC


Do you really think it is a good idea to help spreading a spam message by translating it?
Ignore spam, do not answer, just report it


I’m very sorry to hear that. Android or iOS? If Android pause the game and go to the help/credits screen. Near the top there is a link to email Android support. If you’re an Apple user then email support at and we’ll look into it for you.


My server, BOOK WORLD, is still down. Also, I cannot get on many other servers… still waiting… it does help me focus on finals though! :slight_smile: But I miss Blockheads!


By all means focus on those finals!! Consider it a sign that your World is down so you can study! Then reward yourself when finals are over. :smiley:


YES I WILL!! Last Math 141 final tomorrow. And HEALTH paper almost done… STUDY STUDY STUDY!!! Then… thursday afternoon… BLOCKHEADS!! hopefully my server will be back up or I’ll find another awesome one.


Email support to get this looked into…maybe when your exams are over :slight_smile:

I see your devices are iOS, so you’d email me at support at


I did… several days ago. No response yet… BUT ITS BACK UP!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! Thank you support!!! :slight_smile: