Cloud Outages - 11th July


UPDATE - We appear to be back online. Sorry again for the problems, hopefully that’s the end of it!

Outage from aound 9:30pm UTC 11th July

There is currently an issue with connectivity to the cloud. Our service provider is looking into it, but at the moment the cloud is down, so you can’t connect to worlds. Hopefully it shouldn’t last too long.


It is 10:00 PM here.
Phew I don’t join cloud servers. But I am sorry to hear dat

renwO (revreS) tfarckcolB


that message is what i get every time i try connecting to cloud servers


I got it a few weeks ago at 9:00pm central time couldn’t connect on any servers
I asked some people the next day that had that problem in that time


It was terrible not being able to join my favourite servers


Well, my server took the bigger hit and a month of progress was lost on that day I went onto my server


I can’t connect to cloud servers again :confused:


It’s happening again, but not for all Cloud Worlds.

Date/Time: June 29th ~GMT 5pm.


:frowning: !


I can’t connect to any cloud server with Wifi. Using 4G I can connect


That’s probably nothing to do with the app. Have you checked whether you can access the internet using the same wifi connection?


Sure. Everythings fine, except Blockhead servers. Yeah, most probably it has nothing to do with the issue, but maybe it has. So I thought I let other players know


Try rebooting your router.


Its not just him i cant connect to any of my servers


How did you lose stuff Mingming? Surely you could request a restore of a backup from support.


We should keep a log here. Is the lag bad on the servers after outage?


On the Empire (16x), we’ve had quite a bit of lag, but it comes and goes.
Part of it may be attributed to rapid buying and selling at the Trade Portal which lags the entire world and all players.
We implemented a rule to buy/sell slowly. When players lag the server they get kicked. Repeatedly if necessary.

Seems all 3 of my servers are back online though, so happy me. :smiley:


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I think I know why it happen but I’m afriad to say it


What’s this? Another ignorant forumer (or should I say spammer) who creates forum accounts just to post this !#@)$!% ?
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Sigh So many advertisers and spammers in Blockheads forums these days.