Cloud Outages - 11th July


It’s not a great idea to quote spam, or respond with a post at all. Just report and ignore :slight_smile:


I’m sure it’s quite appropriate to say the reason.


Ah, ok.


I see an almost daily outage on Rabbithole. comes back a few hours later, but it does happen more than it used to.


:frowning: BlockheadNationXLIII has been experiencing many down time after moving to the cloud. Now for a full day we are receiving currently unavailable due to an error! We need this resolved soon.


I can do Plebius and School, that’s it, nothing else, not even my own server?


Yeah, I’m sure there are lots of cloud instances and not all of them are down at once. I’m guessing BlockheadNation is a hefty server with lots of users? I remember BlockheadNation the original. I think I still have a bookmark to it on my phone.


But what if it was pigs!


Sorry about that, this was resolved yesterday I believe. We’re continuing to monitor things and roll out hardware and software upgrades to prevent these issues in the future.


I’ve updated the original post to notify about a new outage we’re currently experiencing, will continue to update as we hear more.


Thanks for the update! It’s nice to see a developer that really takes care of their community instead of assigning other people to do it for them .look closely :p-> [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]looks at pixbits[/COLOR]


Yes, thank you for the update! :smiley: Really helpful. :smiley:

And yes, confirming that I can connect to all servers except Blocktrees without problems. I can’t connect to Blocktrees at all…:frowning:


I can connect to block trees without any problems…


It just happens sometimes, but i’l hope it will get fixed in 1.6 or other future updates


It’s happening to me at least , I can’t connect to any servers at all, and i can use all other apps without any problem, and its not blocked on my wifi I’m at home and I was on a server playing but I had to use the bathroom so I disconnected came back and am having this issue


Same here calumon.
And I have to get back to my server!! Ah!


So it’s not just me :confused:


Yea, I can’t get on Majic Wands either :frowning:

And I was also trying to get on Cheesethieves :frowning: doesn’t work! EEEP!


For me it is fixed now.


I think a few people are still having related problems. Still, but probably not caused by the cloud outages. That was quite a bit ago.