Cloud Server: Blockland

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Please note: Blockland IS OPEN!!!
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Blockland is a themed economy world! Look out for our 5th ANNIVERSARY Celebration of this game! Good going The Blockheads!

We are thrilled to announce that BLOCKLAND is OFFICIALLY opened!
Owner’s IGN (me): “Brother Rabbit”
Before we get into the rules, let me elaborate on the concept of this server.

We are an economy world, that means you have to work. Keep in mind regardless of the work, it is a very fun and beautiful world! Many of our cities you can live and work in have themes, such as Candy Land and Shark City. We have a mayor and president of every single city. Make sure to follow all rules and ordinances for each city.

The rules:

  1. No duplicating, hacking, or exploiting the game in any form, this world is for playing the game the way it was intended.
  2. No advertising other servers without permission as it can drive away players from this world.
  3. Don’t copy builds, be respectful of other’s intellectual property of their builds!
  4. No asking for admin/mod; it will just be ‘no’ and wastes time and patience.
  5. No inappropriate profile icons, acronyms, or words. We are a family friendly world!
  6. Use common sense, it goes a long way!
  7. No ruining things. Flooding, demolishing, etcetera are all prohibited. Be respectful of buildings and the atmosphere of this world.
  8. Be nice and friendly to other people, NEVER bully or harass any of our players no matter what.

New handcar course starting at spawn built by Goodrain, shark maze and events by Catatoes, ,
To be Added: building contest platforms
Boat course
Donkey course
Candy Land by Goodrain
Shark City by That Woodlander



Part of Racing Track at spawn

Big picture of the spawn area

We are a Revenge of The Players world (ROP), and we are a group that advocates legit play. We share a common blacklist of bad players who break rules.
Race track video:

Discord server:


Of course! Let me DM you…


Br if u need any help let me know


Sure! I’ll PM you too.


Nice work rabbit

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Thanks! :grin:

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Don’t forget my good build



That’s awesome! I legitimately haven’t seen it! Where is it located? @Dlxpv312

I’m willing to help.

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I’ll PM you then.

UPDATE: We now open at 9:00 PM ET TONIGHT!!! Please come and get started in Blockland!!! :smiley:

UPDATE: We are OPEN!!! Come today!!!

Candy Land so far:

Candy Land’s main building is now finished!

Here is my attempt at capturing the build although it is fairly off.

Built by Husky Lover, Goodrain, and Catatoes.


Candy Land has really grown!

Candy Land hotel is now done!

So is the Chocolate Palace!


Ive been caught up in other things and haven’t been able to join.

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That’s okay, we’ll be waiting for you to join us!

Anyway, here is Shark City!


Goodrain is hosting a building competition in Candy Land. If you would like to compete, just leave a sign at the sign-up center. Results will be entered December 2nd, 2017.

Here are some builds so far!

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That’s really cool Brer :+1:

Thanks, Frater!

I have been giving free sky islands away, if you want one, come to Blockland before they’re all gone!

Here is what some people have done with theirs so far.

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