Cloud Server: Crafty Towns

Crafty Towns is a Custom Building Server made by Miami Mi.


  • No Hacking
  • No Duping
  • Please Be Kind
  • Stay Family-Friendly
  • No Asking for Admin/Mod, you must earn it!



What we have to Offer:

  • Beautiful Builds around the world, as well as Pixel Art!
  • Building Plots, Space for anyone to build
  • Building Ranks
  • Building Contests
  • Tulip Breeding
  • Donkeys, Dodos and Unicorns!
  • Namgo Ball (A Unique Fun Hancar Game)
  • Cities! - Such As Ethereal City & Ukiyo City

Here are some Pictures of a few of the Servers Builds:

From Spawn:


Ethereal City:

Ukiyo City:

Join Us Today At Crafty Towns!



Those are some awesome builds!


I’ve been on there and actually like it quite well.

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I just tried logging onto this server, I read through the rules and said Sky Art and was banned straight after, do you know why?

I unbanned you sorry about that, not too sure why you was banned. i think a hacker joined the same time as you and i accidently banned you isntead of the hacker.

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No worries, Im really looking forward to playing!

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played on this server for about 3 hours… gotta say i love it! there’s so much to do and explore here and everyone is so friendly! can’t wait to meet new people and become part of the community…
sunset traffic x


Thanks so much for the positivty in the comments! I’m really glad people are liking the server and it will continue to grow as a community!


Are you the owner?

I am not, i’m Co-Owner i made the fourms post with the owner, Miami’s Permission

May I ask, why did you make it a 1/16 world?

It’s 16x not 1/16 to clarify, the reason we made the world so big is as the server is a city server, and so we had the room to make several cities, We hope the server will be open for a long time, thus we thought it’d be the best idea for it to be bigger.

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Do you mean x4? I don’t think there is a x16 one.

16x is only for online servers


Ah, got it.


I think you have to be the owner to make the world thread.


I will be closing this thread @Luluxjazz. Whoever’s account this world is on is very welcome to join the forums, and I can change the ownership of the first post to them. Otherwise the thread will be closed.

Oh Alright, didnt realise that, how can i convert the thread ownership?

You can’t. Once the owner of record joins the forums I can though :slight_smile:

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