Cloud Server: Creative of Time



Yeah, although it’s always more fun to earn your money, and make businesses, houses and such. Unless it is completely pixel art.


Added the discord server to the OP.


Yeah I know. Usually pixel art servers aren’t too popular unless at least of these is true:

  1. The builds are extremely good.
  2. There are free tps so you can make some yourself.
  3. It got advertised a lot and has a bunch of planned activities.

If it doesn’t have one of those, the server will probably not last long. I think with this it would be easier to go with number 2, so free tps!


I completely agree.


I feel like free would make no challenge, but it would be annoying to have to work for blocks every time you want to build


For a compromise, how about I turn on free trade portal every Sunday? It would be normal the rest of the time.


I’d recommend doing Saturdays and Sundays. Now that school has arrived for all, weekends are going to have more activity. One day of the week may be too tight for many users who have a hard time planning ahead their builds or who think up ideas on a whim.


Ooooh I cannot wait! Joining as soon as I can!
PS Spawn looks great! I would add a few details or something, but really nice job on such a huge scale!


So is this supposed to be the rome Colosseum


Yep! I think @Whisk did a great job on it! :smiley:


In 15 minutes.


May I have the link?



The server opened finally!
We had a building competition, and one of the subjects were skeletons for Halloween.
Somehow I won,


Thanks so much for my burfday pig!!


Come help us build the subway! People get jetpacks if they help!

I also need some compost. By some, I mean about 500 chests. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nice progress on the subway guys!!


So it isn’t disturbed by oceans. That way it goes straight all around the world.


We have expanded the subway!


Dog themed build battle in 5 minutes!