Cloud Server: Creative of Time



Preparing for @Aashir’s birthday


Nice! I’m hoping to add on to that as well. I’ll have to work hard to make something as nice as that, though. :slight_smile:


Thanks for building a donkey parkour course, Goodgradesboy!

I am building a new handcar track also.


Ohh that sounds fun! Is it close to spawn?


35 TC >>>


Where are Aashir’s birthday builds? I’m a horrible navigator on this server





Come one, come all to the Dogville pixel art contest! Dogville is located 75 TC left of spawn, so come out and build a dog of your choice! Winner gets a month of server credit, and the contest ends when 1.7 releases.


I’m going to make a small project for @AlliG8tor here


*I think it is cool


Ooh, thanks! I’m excited to see what it is. (Still working on yours… I’m very slow)


A 2 new porject is going to start in porky server for Valentine’s Day.


Is anyone yelling at me to do another building contest…


Me but after the Valentine’s Day


Alrighty, so, ANOTHER contest! Wow!!

Two teams, left and right. The left team… goes left… and the right team- you get the idea.

The two teams mine in the subway and compete to get to antispawn. The team who gets there first gets their names on signs at antispawn AND gets to design antispawn (as long as I agree with your design).

Reply here if you’re interested! I will choose two team captains and the captains will choose their team.


I dislike mining sooo… I probably won’t do it. ;-;


Aww man! I was actually going to ask you to be a team captain… and remember: the teams also have to furnish their tunnel with compost, marble, rails, and paint. So there’s more than just digging.


I wouldn’t mind placing blocks though. :stare:

I’m in hi


Awesome! But don’t feel like I’m pressuring you haha. you’re just one of the most productive and hardest working people I know no pressure :smiley: