Cloud Server: Creative of Time



Ok I can’t wait! Who is the team leaders for both teams?


Sounds good to me


I Aubi and Hailey are the captains. I believe Aubi is the right side and Hailey is the left. But don’t quote me on that.


Okay, so we all meet up on the server at the same time or are they choosing here?


Who is Aubi?


Aubi is au3i


That’s just when it starts. Nobody has to be on at a specific time. Just don’t mine before tomorrow at 6.

The captains are basically managers. They make sure you are on the right track and get the final say in how the team does things. (As well as submitting the final antispawn design to me)


:joy::joy: do u know it is 1:00 am for me and tomorrow is school a important day


Haha, I got impatient we got ready sooner than I expected and we are starting… NOW! :smiley:


Don’t vote for the server this is the worst owner ever… NOO I WAS DOING MY HOMEWORK. Please lol


Is there a set stop date?
Where does the mining start?
Will I receive mining tools?
Should I stop with my questions?


Team Right:
Aubi, GGB, Brer, Aashir, LucyCook, and Porky.
Team Left:
Hailey, Louz, Alli, Knex, Shari, and Andy.

The paint is two white and one cyan.

@TheKnexGuy it ends when it’s finished.


Thanks for the invite @Shariu but my limited gaming time is taken up with my TWO servers… eeek! My hat off to those who can run more than two servers… … It’s my summer & I don’t get as much gaming time as in winter… I have so many unfinished tasks on so many worlds now… the pressure is getting tough… We’ll see how I go…


Should we begin a Private Message each team or all in total?


and cg

we need to find another person for aubi

i can give u some i got plenty

Edit: also Rosie’s with us and derpys with aubi


I started a message, please invite anyone who is participating that I missed in the message with a forums account.


Tell me if I forgot anyone I feel like I did and I feel like it should be obvious who…


Um hailey are u guys complete in team? Because Im asking if I can be part of your team? While ago im helping with placing rails only thats all.

And riding ur train lol!


Look what I found!!!


Are you going to protect him?? (Assuming it’s gender)