Cloud Server: Creative of Time



Definitely and after the contest we can figure out what to do with it


Look what I found

One more cave troll
@prokythechop can I keep it plzzzzz

One more


Cool two player found troll nice :slight_smile: keep it up!

Edit: its Trollsss* XDD


If you find them, you can keep them.


He had about an hour in between, so no big deal. The mining contest is going great so far!


Having fun transporting trolls to spawn. Soon the Colosseum’s arches will be filled!


plzzz dont take mine 2 cave troll


Nope the second post its 1hour ago is that double post? I think not hehe :slight_smile:


Ohh then merge the double post :lol:


Only Milla and Aashir can.

(and Dave but that’s not his job)


These are the trolls from the left side! We have already found a lot of trolls. A couple were moved to other places and a few are still waiting to be moved.


Looks like we already have our slogan. :wink:


Great art even though I’m on team right.


Merged double post.


A new project is started for contest


Hmmm… Little big buy completed my dog bullet, past away when I was kid :frowning:
But memories are left


PUPPPPPY. &wkdmsixksjs



Noice dog ash :wink:


Doggo :heart:


I updated the welcome message. Tell me what you think! :smiley:

  • I like the change!
  • I prefer the old one…
  • I don’t really care

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