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Any opinions? I’m thinking of adding shops that people can rent at spawn. Then you can sell anything for any price that you want, but you have to pay Porklettes to use the shop.


I haven’t seen it yet so idk.
For the shops, good idea!


For anyone that is wondering why Aubi isn’t admin, she is just taking a break. She will be readminned whenever she would like me to. :slight_smile:


Should we…

  • Do a Train Station every 10/20/25/30/50TC £?
  • Do a Station at important landmarks/buildings?
  • Make people pay Porklettes for a station. (Can be houses or community buildings)
  • Make people pay Porklettes for a station.
    (Only Community Buildings/Landmarks)
  • Other: Share your ideas below!

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I have more of a mixed approach, in a residential area, I think it would be reasonable for anyone to have access to public transportation as long as they can afford it. One station per person, not build. Otherwise, important landmarks/buildings should have a separate station. Also, if there is nothing in an area, why put a station?! This is the fault of 10/25/50 tc approach.


Free Build area possibly.


How do you like the renovation to spawn?

  • Amazing!
  • Ehhh it’s okay
  • Nope. Don’t like it.

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Why the water? The rest of it looks nice but I don’t see why water should be there. It makes it look like spawn was griefed


It’s a healing pool. It kinda does look like it was griefers but ehh.


I like it, but why do you have to spawn in the healing pool? I think it would be better if it was moved somewhere else, I legitimately thought that was some kind of joke at first lol.


It might make those who think about purposefully littering at the trade portals think twice. At least if they do it will all float to the top.


I can create a dome around spawn and flood it.

  • Porky yes
  • Porky no

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Not this again. BAD PIG!


Why are so many people voting yes o,-,o’


because flooding spawn didn’t give enough griefer vibes testif…


@bilingual your server doesn’t seem to be working. It is stuck at 5 people saying Searching… Please Wait…

You might want to try restarting it? :slight_smile:


Ya I also noticed it


I have the same issue.


Should be fixed now.


@bilingual hi there i just wanted to know why is the server blocked with a password and when is it going to be restored? Someone told me it was because a hack,but it’s that true? Pleas let me know,I’m making a proyect there and wish to complete it:confused: