Cloud Server: Creative of Time



I’m sorry, we are waiting for a rollback from milla because it was hacked. A bunch of houses were destroyed, as well as spawn benches and spawn trolls.


Dog contest is also over, who is winner


I meant to announce, we are actually waiting 3 more months! So get your paint buckets ready, and get paintin’ again! :smiley:


Credit to Derpypotato for these awesome builds!!


What should I build in the space below spawn?

  • Leave it as it is
  • Handcar course (leave theme opinions below)
  • Unicorn course (leave theme opinions below)
  • Shops
  • Maze
  • Other

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It’s been a while. I’ve been a bit absent from Blockheads and the forums lately — it seems that I have just lost both the motivation and the want to play.

You can keep up with me here, my forum page.

Speaking of my forum, I reached 400 subs last night!! Check out my post on my forum about it.

Anyway, you must be wondering why you can’t search it. I’ve made it private because I’m tired of dealing with hacker attacks multiple times a day. You can still join with a link.


i explord the server and there are so amazing builds keep it up!!!


World Thread still needs to be renamed to Crash of Time


I renamed it back to Creative of Time.


Don’t forget!