Cloud Server: Creative of Time

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Welcome to Creative of Time!

Top News / Warnings ATTENTION: Build Battle platforms will be remodeled! Don’t leave safes behind!


1. Please do not cuss or use any inappropriate or offensive language. We just want to keep this server friendly for people of all ages! :D

2. Do not copy other people’s builds unless they give you permission.

3. Do not grief or destroy builds. It’s rude to destroy what people have worked really hard for.

4. Do not pirate TC or hack in any way. This server is part of ROP, and we ban players who hack or steal money from Dave, the developer for the game.

5. Do not duplicate items or discuss glitches or other cheating methods. We like to be a legitimate-playing server here. Duplicating is unfair to those who do play legitimately.

6. Do not spam by sending useless messages or advertise other servers. We have come here to play on this server, not to play on yours or watch you spam a bunch of messages.

7. Do not ask to be a member of our staff. Just no. Asking will only reduce your chances.

8. Do not date or role play. I only include role playing because it often goes beyond the child-friendly zone.

9. Type “/code rooles” to prove that you read the rules!

Building Rules:

1. Leave at least 15-20 blocks in between projects please.

2. Ownership signs cost 10 Porklettes. Not really a rule, but I thought I’d include it.

3. Please don’t build or break gem trees or gem islands. They are very precious!

This is a ROP Server

That means that you can be banned from any ROP server for hacking, glitching, or other offenses. Find out more information here.

Our Discord Server:

My Other Servers:

Survival of Time

Starting with only a maple seed, workbench, and a compost block, you must survive the harsh outer world! Good luck, you’ll need it!

Evolution of Time

Try to survive with a compost, apple, and a pod! This might get difficult...

My YouTube Channel

I record Blockheads videos! Come watch! :D

Upcoming Building Contests and Events:

Created/Idea By: GoodGradesBoy
Note: Some of these events/contests may be recorded too PorkyTheChop's YouTube channel!

After the contest/event officially ends, please remove your build or else it will be removed automatically in 48 hours. This includes ALL SAFES LEFT BEHIND!

Build Battle

Build Battles are contests against others to see who can build the best of the theme! You will be asked to build something relevant to the theme in a time limit if you enter in one. Afterwards, meditate on the one you vote for! The build with most votes wins. (You can't vote for yourself!)

Build Swap

In this game, you will choose a partner. Player 1 will build something in a time limit, and the other partner waits. Once that time limit is finished, player 2 will build something connected to that. Vote by meditating on the one you like the most afterwards. (Can not vote for self!) One with most votes wins.

Guess that Build!

You will have to think of something to build, then build it! One person at a time, when directed please! Others will guess the build and the one with the most correct guesses wins! (Do not share out what you are building please!)

What's that Build? NEW GAMEMODE!

A game where the host builds something, while other guess. Guess under 15 seconds, 3 points! Guess under 30 seconds, 2 points! Above 30 seconds will be 1 point. 3 minutes, and moving onto the next build. The person who ends up with the most points wins!

Click here for a paint color list!
Click here for some pixel art ideas!

The plots are located right of spawn past Hotel Aubergine, and up in the sky! (13 Time Crystals ↗️)

Upcoming to Catch...
• Dog Building Contest! Build your dogs, 75 Time Crystals left of spawn! Ask Porky or another admin that is available for an area. You have until the 1.7 update to complete it...hehe! Winner gets server credit.

• On 1/14/2018, at 4:00 PST / 6:00 CT GoodGradesBoy will be a hosting a Build Battle with the theme: Hotel! Do not judge it by size, unless it includes less than 4 rooms. Judge by design.

Discord server:

Join link:


Porklettes? :rofl: The best currency. “Buy pork chops! Only 8 porklettes a piece!”


I did a bad job with spawn…
sits in a corner and cries


Yes! Porky has admitted he is a pig!!!

Beautiful spawn, I may drop by sometime


Lol. Those will be the currency when @Wingysam gets the bot back up and runnin’!


I Can’t Wait Until Opening!!


It’s hard to do things of that massive of a scale. I think you did good.


Are you sure? Lol, I think you did a great job.
wonder where you got porklettes from :thinking:


I’ll definitely join :raspberry:


Hi guys

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Wow that is really early. I’ll try to get on when I’m done with my homework later and build my mapped out building…




Oh I see.


Wow new server nice :+1:


Yay thx @PorkyTheChop finally I can get on and play with u guys when I’m not at school lol,

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Is that 8:00 pm EST??

If it is then I’m definitely going to be on and awake


@Shadow_Katt I believe it’s 6:00 PM EST, we are one hour ahead… not 100% sure.

Edit: Nope, You were right :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Should trade portals be normal or everything free?

  • Normal
  • Everything free

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What is the theme of the server? If it is looking at builds, everything free definitely.

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Yes, building and pixel art.

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