Cloud Server: DZ-17

You find yourself in a small room with no memory of how you got here. There’s a portal that probably has something to do with it. The only other object in the room is a sign that says 'DZ-17’ You’re holding two items, a block of dirt and an orange. It’s bitterly cold and pitch black. You look around but can’t see anything. The only way you can go is down. You hear the distant sound of footsteps but there is nowhere to hide…

World Details
Owner: 222oreo333
Co-Owner: Joeu
Admins: TLWV, Naya, Jujubee Digging

PvP: Enabled
Seed: Custom (1455222790)
World Size: 4x

Oceans: Small Oceans
Temperature: Very Cold
Rainfall: Very Wet
Plants: No Plants
Trees: Sky Island Trees Only
Terrain: Mountainous
Caves: More Caves
Lakes: More Lakes
Ore Quantity: More Ore
Health: Hard
Hunger: Hungrier
Happiness: Sadder
Clothing Decay: Faster
Tool Decay: Faster
Death: No Regeneration
Mob Difficulty: Hard
Trade Portals: Disabled
Sun Colour: Black

Click here to join:

Upon your arrival you will be given a block of dirt. It is in your best interest to craft a workbench immediately before leaving the portal room. At this point an admin will lead you to your government issued unit and hand you an iron door and an orange. Place your door and plant your orange. From this point on what you do is up to you. You are free to leave for supplies whenever you would like, but beware. The world is cold and you will likely not survive. Once you have crossed through the wall, you may not return back to the spawn area. So make sure you are ready for the trials to come.

Failed government experiments roam free in the outside world. Be ready to hide from them, they show no mercy and tend to enjoy hunting the unsuspecting blockheads on this planet. You never know when you may run into them. They only have one weakness, and that is for you to figure out.

Since it is impossible to leave the spawn units without a jacket, we are now holding “to the death” competitions in a small arena below spawn. The winner will receive 6 stone, and if they manage to win without taking damage they will get a fur coat! An admin needs to be on to monitor the fights and give out the prize

If there are no admins on it might be a good idea to meditate for items. You will need them :wink:

1.No hacking, duping, bots or any kind of game altering/interfering/cheating is allowed here. This is a Revenge Of Players server, there is zero tolerance for breaking any of these rules. You will be banned and your details will be shared to be banned on other servers. Using ways to glitch through walls is unfair, and this is included in game altering and interfering
2.No using hacked time crystals. This is extremely unfair and ruins the game for everyone
3.No swearing, dating, inappropriate pictures or avatars. You will be banned without warning.
4.No griefing. Raiding is allowed if you find unprotected items, but you may not break any blocks to get at them
5.PvP is on, but there is no pvp allowed at spawn except in the arena. Anything is fair game once you are past the wall
6.No sharing items or teaming up at spawn. You may team up after leaving the spawn area.
7.Do not ask to be admin or mod. You will never have a chance at this if you ask
8.No advertising. I don’t come to your server and steal your players, so please don’t do it on mine
9.Have patience. It will be slow at first, since you will have to meditate for items to progress. And please do not ask to sleep or meditate. It’s super annoying for players who are crafting or doing anything, and if we have to keep telling you to stop you will be banned
10.Do not ever teleport back to the spawn portal. This will result in an instant ban. Once you pass through the wall there is no going back ever. If you are creating a second blockhead, you must first create a portal for yourself and use that for spawning in
11.Portals are permitted anywhere outside the wall, but they must be extremely well protected. See below to find out the best way to protect your portal.
12.Teleporting to get away from an experiment is forbidden. It messes with their minds and makes them angry and they will ban you
13.Do not get upset if you die. It is going to happen. Learn from your mistakes
14.Chat will be monitored. All the time. I have access to the logs and I will check them daily. I promise you, if you break the rules you will be banned.
15. You will die. You will probably be killed. Admins are not allowed to collect your items for you if they drop after the wall. Before the wall they may use their own discretion for this.
16. No using the pause button to escape pvp of any sort.
17.Living in the collection area is prohibited. You may stay there as long as you are collecting items but you must return to your unit.
18.Discussion of duping is not allowed. You will be banned if caught talking about duping.
19. Each player will get one ownership sign outside the wall, placed by an admin. You will not get another one, so choose your placement wisely.
This server is designed to be extremely challenging. If you can’t handle it there are other servers to play on. But it will be worth it to stick around.

Village Rules:

  1. Each village is allowed 1 portal to be placed. It must be outside of the houses or it will be removed
  2. Each player will receive one ownership sign, which will be placed by an admin.
  3. Villages must be a minimum of 30 time crystals apart

Hints and tips:
1.You have a block of dirt, and only one chance at the spawn portal. It might be a good idea to craft a workbench right after spawning in
2.Meditating is encouraged. You need items to survive out in the open, and meditating is the only way you will get them
3.You will need sticks and wood before you will need food :wink:
4.There are no rules against colonizing and creating a village or town. There is safety in numbers
5.Experiments have one weakness. Doors. They cannot go through any doors or trapdoors. Use this information how you’d like

1.Always keep one blockhead at spawn. You will need to be able to change the ownership on signs for new people
2.No portals are allowed out at any time unless you are using them
3.If you need to use a trade portal you can, but you have to make sure to change the setting back after you are finished. This is only to be used for emergencies.
5. Due to the confusion and frustration it has caused, admins will now be required to have a regular player account. The only time you should be on your admin account is when a new player has spawned in, if a unit needs to be cleared, or if a player requires help that you can’t address on your regular account. The only exception to this is 222oreo333 and Joeu, as owner and co-owner we are allowed to stay on as an admin account to enforce the rules. Juju is playing as a spawn admin and builder and will also have permission to use her admin account

Experiment Rules:
1.No freezing or burning players
2.You will be given supplies upon your start. This is all you will receive. You will need to have a base and maintain yourself after this point.
3.Experiments cannot kill or harm other experiments or admins
4. Experiments will no longer have admin eyes and they ARE allowed to break blocks. They still have their weakness, and you will now be able to hide from them. There will be a 24 hour no kill period after all experiments are unadmined at which point you are encouraged to find a suitable hiding place. I will announce when that starts
5. If you kill a player, you may keep the items they were holding. You may not take anything in placed chests, shelves, or anything else.

I apologize that these rules have changed slightly. They are set in stone, there are no exceptions to these rules. Good luck and happy dying.


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Could you add link? I couldnt find your world.

You have to read the thread. The server is not open yet. Depending on how things go it will be open friday or saturday. I’ll post the link once we go public

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Another interesting world… Oh dear, I’m never going to sleep :joy:


I read it but missed that its not opened yet sorry.

This looks very intriguing :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to joining!

Yayayayay! New challenge server!

I’m joining, and I can’t wait. It’s time for another challenge full of unknown dangers and difficult circumstances. I’ll want to be part of a village of others to be safe in numbers and strategize.

I can’t wait I will join

I will join.

And we are public! Good luck everyone!

I’ll link this theead now:

Having a blast. So fun and very comfortable and unique spawn. Here’s some cool pictures of the units when cleared as much as a player can. I love the effect of little arched windows to the outdoors. Or a stained glass effect.

And here is a funny chat from first day of server. Alt is my neighbor and was practically starving to death:


I don’t suppose any admins happen to be around right now… I um… I kinda fell asleep (the real me), while my BH was standing rather than meditating and… um… I died. And all my stuff is in my orb preparing to despawn, and I’m stuck in the spawn meditation area. Anyone? Please?

[Edit] Oh wait, nevermind… my stuff’s gone. … so much food…

If its any consolation (and I know its not), Ive done the same thing myself on this server.


I’ve done the same thing on SEVERAL servers. But those all had regen on, so I didn’t lose everything. lol. I think I’ve learned my lesson. … fingers crossed!

The rules have CHANGED! Everybody please read the rules and change anything that needs to be changed. You will have until midnight on Sunday, January 29th (UTC-5 I think, Eastern time zone). After this point I will start giving out warnings

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Do you plan to allow the admin alt accounts to be mods? Then they could police the server, but not have the blue eyes advantage.

Yeah. That will be good, rather than having to switch accounts to ban someone. I’d love feedback as well on the new rules. I want to be as player friendly as possible yet still have it be a challenge