Cloud Server: Eleah Land

Welcome to Leah and Elli’s server - Eleah Land :cherry_blossom:

Just a few heads up before you join our Family.
We don’t give out starters, so please don’t ask for one. You must work and build your own wealth.
Admins and Mods are not allowed to give you anything that could benefit you’re gameplay, so please don’t ask.


  • Be nice :heartpulse: We have no space for nasty people here.

  • This is a survival server, so no portal chests are to be used. This is to prevent people from bringing in currency that they have made in other servers. You must make your wealth here, otherwise where’s the fun in playing? (For limited usage only, staff may use portal chests) :package::x:

  • No super shops allowed :moneybag: If you are caught using these you will be banned.

  • No pole items :x: If you are caught using them, you will be banned.

  • Absolutely no swearing/Cussing, children play this game too :couple:

  • Don’t ask for mod or admin :no_entry_sign: That includes asking how to get it, The owner will decide, along side the other admins whether you deserve it or not :innocent:

  • No duping :see_no_evil: This is cheating, which is definitely not allowed here . If you are caught using them you will be banned.

  • No Spamming :clap:t2: It’s simply annoying.

  • No TC Safes :gem: You are committing fraud by doing so, which is NOT allowed here. If you are caught using them you will be banned.

  • No advertising👎 we do not come on your server and advertise, do not do it here.

  • No stealing, you will be banned if caught doing so! :package:

Now for some helpful tips to get you started on the server

  • Hotel rooms are available for users on there first few days… But you cannot have a house and a hotel room so once you have built yourself a house you must move out of your room :hotel:
  • At some point your going to want a place of you own and when that time comes, we only allow homes to be built on Sky Islands or on Hope Island. If this requirement have been followed then just ask an admin to protect it for you!

  • Always remember to have fun and Be creative! :art:

  • If you have and questions feel free to ask an Admin! :two_women_holding_hands:

Here’s a little taster of what Eleah Land has to offer…
Our spawn, where you are welcomed my Leah and Elli the trolls! - They’re friendly, i promise!

Leah’s Treehouse Hangout!! Where you can spend time with your friends

Our police department! Making sure that all citizens are in safe hands :wink:

Fabulag’s Fabulous (pun unintended) Corner!!

We love seeing new faces here at Eleah Land, and so we hope to see yours very soon!! <— Here’s our server link, You’re only a click away!


looks like a very fun server to try out :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a truly awesome server! It’s a legit server too! No hacking or duping to be found here.


I am joining right now, it looks awesome!


Seems like a pretty nice server. I’ll join.

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I’ve now joined, I have to say the community and world is amazing. :+1:

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Why did you whitelist it out of the blue? I don‘t like my efforts being wasted like that…

The server was recently hacked, so she has been whitelisting when staff isn’t on to oversee things.

There were 3 admins on, and she could have explained the situation instead of throwing me out with no warning

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Suddenly they whitelisted on idk why i think for little maintenance

This server was whitelisted when I attempted to join it. :confused:

I wonder what happened.

Maintenance for sure or something problem and admin staff fixing it :slight_smile:

The main problem is not the whitelist but the lack of information.


Looks like a great server!

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Sorry everybody. The server has been - and will be - Whitelisted for a small amount of time. This is due to there being a 2nd hack attack. Sorry for the inconvenience…

Eleah land has now been reopened! I’ve decided not to live with the fear that my server could again be hacked anymore. Instead i’ve opened it so that I can meet all you lovely people and see my server thrive as it should, once again!! So if ya’ll have been waiting to join our family, come on over (:

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Script kiddies. As in people who use others’ hacks.

Porky explained it above.

Time to preform a raid .