Cloud Server: Eleah Land

ڪارروائي ڪرڻ اسان کي قدرتي حيثيت نه ڏيندو آهي

Us will raid like Romanians

If you’re going to post in another language, please include an English translation.

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But ppl are allowe to threaten to raid a server???

That’s ain’t right
Also raidng is allowed as long as ur not hacking
Right ?

Yes, I looked it up, but it’s better if it’s a human translation, as idiomatic phrases can stump translation software. It should also be in the post with the original text :slight_smile:


@Inferno: Thanks!

There’s a case in point of stumped translation…

Raiding is allowed if the owner of the world to be raided is happy to be raided. Otherwise it is griefing and I get unhappy.


I did not write that’s … but yeh fine if you think I did

If that’s not a translation of the text please post one.

*us will raid like Romanians

Excuse me, but what is this about… Why do you want to “raid” my server?

Some one told me from this server named tnt i think tnt told me to come with them make a Rebellions group and i said No why should i rebellion is a mean group…

TNT327? He was a mod at my server but an admin unmodded him for rude behaviour…

My server on the portal says it’s unavailable… I don’t know what’s happening

I would try to share an idea of what could possibly be going on but I would brake the naming and shaming rule.

You coud PM it to me, if you wish to?


You have to make milla aware of the situation, if you haven‘t already done it. She can give the server a kick.

PM her with the server name and owner‘s name

Don’t worry my server is doing the same. As Ronnie says pm milla and she will give it a kick start.

Thank you both (:

The server is up and running again, but whitelisted

Happened to mine too.