Cloud Server - Georgie's Maze

Welcome to Georgie’s Maze


  1. No hacking, duping, bots or any kind of game altering/interfering/cheating on this server. This is an ROP server you will be banned and your details shared to be banned on other servers.

  2. No foul language or inappropriate images. You will be banned.

  3. No Greifing

  4. No teaming through the maze. (Teaming is considered any kind of helping or sharing with another player).

  5. No guiding others though the maze. Or talking about anything in the maze.

  6. No travelling through the maze while being ‘away’. Please stop all actions before logging off.

  7. No repeated killing at spawn to gain food. You will be banned.

  8. No killing Sharks or fish in the tank.

  9. No dating - that’s just gross.

  10. No begging or asking to be admin or mod - don’t be that noob.

  11. No advertising - Don’t steal players that’s just lame.

Any issues please contact the owner via the blockheads forums username Ge0rgie.

This is a public, vanilla server. Any one can join.’S%20MAZE


Is that screenshot from the actual server!? OMG!

Yes it was taken by the bh camera

Whoa! Looks fabulous! I’ve never done a maze before, this inspires me so much.


It looks so cool! I’m tottaly joining!

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That’s stunning. Never seen anything like it!!!

It is a-MAZE-ing! (Someone had to say it)

Anyway, that photo Georgie has above is only about 10-15% of the entire maze!
I still haven’t solved it. Trying to do it without starving, but I am almost certain to fail.


WHOOOHOO! Here i come! It looks fantastic!

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It’s a very enjoyable maze, come join the fun! You won’t be disappointed :slight_smile:

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This looks pretty sick. Mazes seem like something I would like building…

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Amazing! Seems like a huge maze to me. How long did it take to make this?

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On an off for 6 months but I guess about a month in total of actual work. As I have crafted every single brick and item used in the maze except for the ice torches. I’ve used nearly 600 of those.


I already named my blockhead “A-MAZE-ING” :lol:


Cool. Can’t wait to try it!

And we have our first public player out! Well done to that player (names is on the hall of fame)

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Calling me?

5 players out in 1day!!!

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Yas! I made it out! :smile:
Nice maze Georgie! It’s pretty AND fun! :3

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Wow, you were quick @NYCCI!