Cloud Server: GIANTS - Thrive like a GIANT



209 TC right of spawn…


Built by me, Brother Rabbit.

Purchase a room today for 10 Platinum Coins!

With the room is a chest that no one can get into, since your room will be locked upon purchase, you will also receive a mirror and a soft bed!


i was on yesterday. pity its custom though.


It used to be Vanilla, I migrated it because bringing in items through the portal chest would ruin the enclosed economy nature of the world.




If people brought in 9999 jetpacks, 9999999 pole items, who would know what is duped and what is not duped? That is the main reason I migrated.


on a server the teach you how to dupe.


I don’t allow duping on my server.


someone could do it when no one is on


I am on nearly 24/7, but you are correct. Cheaters usually are found and banned though.




Ill join your server as i cant any server to join


This server theme is awesome and even its 24/7


Glad you like it.


You welcome :wink:


Giants anniversary today apparently :birthday:


It’s been two months since we opened publicly as Giants, but we turn two years old since creation in July!


We have ran into a problem with the magma rail… it has become to close to the lava because the has come up to much.
1.We could ether move that part of it up a bit and it would not be completely flat
2. We could keep it going completely flat and your blockhead might get a bit injured, but you won’t die if you are just flying threw on a handcar or train.

Which would rather us do?

  • Completely flat, might get injured once in a while.
  • Some bumps, no injuries.

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Is this left or right of spawn? I never took damage from going right yet.

I would suggest that the magma rail be completely flat, then just place ice torches at the hot areas to negate any damage.


Same. Ice torches.


I’d like to do Ray’s idea rather than using poll results.