Cloud Server: GIANTS - Thrive like a GIANT



I don’t think she was referring to the hotel.

New Giants issue coming soon.


Yes she was. She was talking about it right around teh 2 minute mark.


Oh, my bad.



@DGPG, with a tiny bit of help from @Candi-Grrrl and @Brer-Rabbit (me), made a new magma rail station near Friendship City, 50 TC Left of spawn.

Player IVAN638 Built a theater called “bend theatre” just under spawn at the magma rail, a bit to the left of emerald bank. He did a beauty and the beast play, it is a unique concept. Here are some pictures from when we were setting up.

Cyan Sonata, also known as @INeedPie recently posted a video review of Giants on her and her sisters’ YouTube channel, Cyan And Uni, I found it to be a pretty good video so I decided to share it in this news article. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Brer :). If you’re interested in the channel the forums thread is here -


they have been removed now.


People still have them in their tc count from before, so I won’t remove the rule. Thank you though. :slight_smile:


oh yeah :joy: i know a player on my server who uses hacked tc still.


I actually thought you were dave for a second… please change your profile picture.


When Dave or supermod reply to your cloud world thread says “Keep It Up” then it was just a guy who stole profile picture from Dave and set it for the prifle picture! :cry:


209 TC right of spawn…


Built by me, Brother Rabbit.

Purchase a room today for 10 Platinum Coins!

With the room is a chest that no one can get into, since your room will be locked upon purchase, you will also receive a mirror and a soft bed!


i was on yesterday. pity its custom though.


It used to be Vanilla, I migrated it because bringing in items through the portal chest would ruin the enclosed economy nature of the world.




If people brought in 9999 jetpacks, 9999999 pole items, who would know what is duped and what is not duped? That is the main reason I migrated.


IT Was a good choice!
(I typed “it” so fast it all became uppercase -.-)


on a server the teach you how to dupe.


I don’t allow duping on my server.


someone could do it when no one is on


I am on nearly 24/7, but you are correct. Cheaters usually are found and banned though.