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I didn’t even think of using ice torches… :man_facepalming:

@Ray it’s left, but eventually right could possibly have it too.


This may be irrational but, just rush through the area and you’ll be just fine. I hope at least…


That’s what I was thinking, though ice torches would also definitely help.


Maybe integrate ice torches into the overall design of the magma rails?


Maybe have two rows of ice torches on the top and bottom along the whole thing.


Probably would be too cold


But I don’t think so and if it is maybe they could just do one row? @DeadlyPotato


I will make a walmart soon so be ready to shop!




Tamed donkeys

Are u feeling hard taming a donkey? Then u are reading the right message. We are selling some tamed donkeys online

What’s online?

I am not sellng it on any shops or somthing online means we deal in chats then sell it and if u want to buy my tamed donkeys u must pm me or when u see me on u can buy it through the chat saying can a buy your tamed donkey

What i sell?

I sell some tamed donkey the coloures are:
Blue donkey (tamed) - 15 pl
Black donkey (tamed) - 10 pl
Brown donkey (tamed) - 5 pl
Grey donkey (tamed) - 2 pl n 50 gc

Are u waiting for deals?

Here are some of these:
Spend 50 pl buying my tamed donkeys and get a grey tamed donkey (free)
Spend 25 pl buying my tamed donkeys and get 1 cage 5 carrots (free)

So are u gonna buy it?


Giants’ pixel art competition!
To celebrate giants’ 2 year anniversary, we are having a pixel art competition, and the theme will be birthday. It will start on July 8th, and end on July 11th (Giants’ birthday)
Each participant will get a 61x61 plot. And will be free to enter. After the competition is over the judges (me and @Brer-Rabbit) will decides who wins; which the winner gets a stack of plat and a free 61x61 separate from the competition.


that your entries will eventually be destroyed, that doesn’t mean you can’t copy and put it somewhere else.

You will be given no supplies to build your so start getting supplies ASAP!

The results of who won will be July 12, one day after the competition ends.

Please answer this poll just so we could get a general idea of how many plots we will need, this is not set in stone.

  • Yes I would love to!
  • I will compete :sunglasses:
  • If I get time… it seems pretty fun.
  • No I do not want to compete.

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I blame Florida trips for not making me participate. :stuck_out_tongue:


Aww, there will likely be another one sometime soon… no plans for the next one yet though.


I will be participating in the pixel art contest it will be super fun



I hadn’t to use my data tho, so clearly my wifi doesn’t like 1.7 xD


Oh my god…

Someone stole my diamond trade portal and my golden bed too! :cry:


I’m completely shock hacker can now destroy blocks. I know before they can only turn the benches to useless that cannot touches and remove things and now they can destroy blocks!


No problem the server is whitelisted and will be maked-up soon


The building contest will be rescheduled.


From when to when