Cloud Server: GIANTS - Thrive like a GIANT



I wish i could tell you… but I forgot :raspberry:


I think sky plot cost 90plat…?


I bought 2 plots in Brer’s providence, each 61 blocks wide and as high as the sky goes, for 200 plat each. There was no price for them (I think i was one of the first to buy it) so I was the one who suggested and payed for the plots at that price.

For scale, sky plots are 90 plat each (31x31). I recommend buying a sky plot if you are starting out. It gives sufficient space for a house and a small farm. You can buy multiple if you think one is not enough. It’s very high in the sky though, so be sure to get a fur coat at least.

There are also subway plots which cost 45 plat (not sure of the exact size but it’s roughly a 31x31 partially obstructed by the subway) I feel subway plots are better for setting up shops since it is close to spawn. They aren’t as good for houses or farms because there is a backwall and the space is kinda small. But it’s up to you to do what you want with your plots, really.

You can sell the plots back to Brer if you move out, and he will refund you. If you don’t wish to spend anything you can also build on a territory, which is free but what you build usually won’t get protected.


Hah who needs a house?
I live at my shop lol


I’ll sell Deadly a plot for 50-90 plat.


oh noess i got jeBaiTed of too many of my precious shiny coins hahaha



Well I’m glad the housing issue is all sorted lol



Someone who wants to be unnamed has used a sky plot to build a beautiful butterfly gem block pixel art house!


Haha I just dug my base in a hole in the subway wall, completely legal and it happened to be under friendship mountain so I get protection signs with it! So glad that coincidences work out. Edit: Theat butterfly is BEAUTIFUL. It looks wonderful


One problem. They’re going unnamed but umm the protection sign gives it away. :neutral_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Those are her relative’s names, so it’s actually not an issue. :+1:


Hello I’m back on blockheads I’m sorry that I left. My iPad completely shutdown and stopped working. ATM you are all on birthday bonanza and I can’t join because I’m not on the whitelist… so I’m on here saying that I’m back


Welcome back, I was wondering where you’ve been.


There is a massive PvP fight going on right now, and we hit 14 players online at one point!


Of course I missed it -.-

Actually I need to start making weapons an armour


Dangit I missed the PvP


I missed it too ;-;


Haha it was just three people


Br are u online atm?


You can PM him but since your new just wait and try to Pm milla first. At least when you PMed brer you guys can online when you’re free.

@Keiraiscoolio9 you might read this too.

And sorry I’m been curious you already have forum account here right is this your? @Keiraiscoolio99 because if its your means you made alt account that need to be discuss for Milla if she going to allowed it or Ban