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You can PM him but since your new just wait and try to Pm milla first. At least when you PMed brer you guys can online when you’re free.

@Keiraiscoolio9 you might read this too.

And sorry I’m been curious you already have forum account here right is this your? @Keiraiscoolio99 because if its your means you made alt account that need to be discuss for Milla if she going to allowed it or Ban


Break it > : )


Sneezy II and Pox
They died to a script kiddie who bypassed my iron doors today. Somehow never took a screenshot of them before they were killed. Rest well my trolls :cry:

On the bright side, the server didn’t get any damage from the script kiddie besides my trolls. This could have turned out to be much, much worse.





Sneezy II and Pox
Ray u should build a memorial for them


U mean a grave


Now we need a Sneezy III.


RIP I agree build a memorial.


We can do a memorial or make them rabbit shape.

@BUILDITME1 Can’t really do a grave when the bodies are gone…


I can edit together an image of a cave troll statue (basically a cave troll silhouette with a stone texture) and then paint them on a canvas. Then we can put it down like a statue and have a sign underneath saying “in memory of pox” and “in memory of sneezy II”


I was originally planning to make a cave-themed subplot with my 2 trolls, I had big ideas for that place. I should make a memorial in their place. :slight_smile:


Here is my entry for Giant’s 2nd Anniversary building competition!

Do note if you still want to participate in the competition, it is still going on for a while so do come down and ask for a plot! :slight_smile:


That’s so awesome, I’ll be posting all builds and maybe even building my own soon. You all have built great things so far.


That’s an awesome troll!


Make a cheap iMovie video with all the builds :stuck_out_tongue:


Its a good idea


Dang that’s good, I was hoping I was the only participant so I’d win automatically lol


:rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

In all seriousness it looks good


why the server is dead come on everybody lets play here again!!


It’s not completely dead, just not busy. I’d love to see you play though.