Cloud Server: GIANTS - Thrive like a GIANT



Credit is stocked a bit into November.


Legends never die.




You can be the first guest if you’d like! I’m waiting for someone lol.


You shouldn’t need to do that. R.I.P is five characters.


If all characters are capitalized, it says it isn’t a complete sentence.


Thanks. That should be fixed now.

Back on-topic. Sorry Brer-Rabbit!


We will be fishing for Milla in a bit, definitely join if you want to participate. @DGPG looking at you


Did it already happen? I was at school 5 hrs ago…


I did the one timed for those in the US a week ago. This morning’s was aimed at those living in Europe.


Ohh ok


Lol I’m in the US and only did this one, I don’t think you came to Giants but it was still great to see you on the other worlds!


I’m not sure. I did add credit to it, like all the rest, the night before, but after an hour and 45 minutes I needed to get on and do some other stuff, so I stopped.


I appreciate the credit very much Milla, thank you. :blush:


I miss giants


Maybe I’ll reopen it this summer!