Cloud Server: GIANTS - Thrive like a GIANT



Is it okay that Brer has one thread and dg has another?


Yes, that one is defunct.

@Keiraiscoolio99 Your timezone isn’t as bad as you think it is, I can even be on at the same time as you probably. PM me. You can definitely help.



We officially have the tracks all the way to the North Pole! This is approximately 510 tc right of spawn! We plan on having the entire world tracked before we open :slight_smile: Thanks for reading!


Oh, can I help?! Please please please?!


Our space to lava handcar jump!


Not making it pass the North Pole…? ;-;


That’s cheating though, we have legitimate blocks of air. :sunglasses:

Maybe we should do one over the north pole, I have considered it.


Doing it over the North Pole would be really easy lol you dong really have to think that hard about it :lol:


But wouldn’t you get extra air time?


Blocks of air, but not air time. I think we may do one.


Good job!


We have officially passed anti spawn on our work in progress railroad! :thumbsup:


Can I be whitelisted please


Me too whitelist me :slight_smile:

Edit: oops I already whitelist hehe I’ll help you later in ur subway progress :wink:


We found some really cool veins! Keep in mind this server was generated in Vanilla before it was Custom. Wow…


Suggestion: If possible, break up the “how the economy works” text wall… it is… difficult to read.

I’ll certainly have to check this world out if just to ride the tracks :slight_smile:


I will definitely make it easier to read when I can. :slight_smile:


We now have a new mini game that @Frater_Galaxy made, we have been testing it, and I have to say, this game is extremely fun! It mixes handcar skills, pvp skills, and blockhead agility all in one game! You guys should really try it.

Here is the original link stating all the rules.


wow, looks nice.


Hi everyone! I have an announcement to make, some official GIANTS news!

@Frater_Galaxy has built a Capture the Gems game just above spawn, it is so awesome!

Meanwhile, @Smokeyrabbit and @Thatwoodlander are building a brand new providence!

You may be asking, what am I doing?

Well, I’m working on the subway with @Dylanjdj and @DGPG! We have already gotten past 3 poles! Nearly done… :sweat_smile:

A subway easter egg I did, you will see a lot of fun things on the way around the 4x world!

I will start work on a new adventure map soon, and we will incorporate new features from 1.7 such as shark racing soon…

Stay tuned!