Cloud Server: GIANTS - Thrive like a GIANT



I’ll be happy to see you there, Cae! Feel free to PM me if you want early access. :slight_smile:


Anyone that wants to try Capture the Gems, I will be on tomorrow around 1.7’s expected release time. Probably before, or just until SGC is open, and SoT, and… Just I’ll make sure to spend some time on the server
Capture the Gems is immense fun, but is sometimes hard to learn without help (ask AlliG8tor). But if you can’t make it, then don’t worry, I will continue making guides and other ways to learn alone


Ive been riding for about an hour and a half combined and im not even at anti spawn yet so…


I’m working on updating the OP to make it more readable and a better summary of the server, make sure to check out the summary of providences, sub providences, and territories that I added. :slight_smile: (Special thanks to @DGPG for helping me explain it with good words)


Wait a minute… Isn’t the floating house with the balloons from the Disney Pixar movie ‘Up’?


Woodlander said he was inspired by it. :slight_smile:




Any updates on the release date of the server?


We are planning probably sometime in around mid April, we are getting really close to fininshing the world wide track, there is only 180 tc to go, but we still have some more stuff planned to do before we open :wink:


So, the rest of blockheads got upgraded to 1.7, so I figured why not upgrade Giant’s spawn to 1.7!



Instead of the backwall being redmarble, marble, and lapis
I changed it to sapphire blocks, ruby blocks, and luminous plaster!
Hope you like it :blush:


I would like to announce that we only have 100 tc left to finish the 4x railroad, and DGPG and I are working hard to get it done today!

We will be opening at 3:00 PM on April 14th Eastern Time! :smiley:
I also updated the gallery a bit. :slight_smile:


wow waiting for such thing is a pain


I’m tempted to open now… but we have to prepare just a few more things.


understood, but ‘just a few more things.’ what do you mean exactly?

  • 100 more TC to build the railroad

  • Setting up the bot

  • Creating server trailer

  • Building adventure map

  • Building theme parks


hope you finish in 15 days xD


Thanks. The railroad, server trailer, and bot will be set up for sure when we open. :slight_smile:


I feel like the railroad will take the most time :clock1030:


We’ve done 200 tc in one night before, it’s pretty hard though.


question, maybe you said this before, but what do you mean by tc, I dont think you mean time crystals, right?