Cloud Server: GIANTS - Thrive like a GIANT



We do. :slight_smile:
If somewhere takes 22 tc to teleport to spawn, it is 22 tc from spawn.


thanks for classifying

edit: seems like this project takes a lot of TC


We aren’t teleporting, we’re building. I have zero tc. :lol:


oh, welp, the most TC I ever had was 1K-1.1K, and that was during the time of the free TC, I didnt use any gliched TC during that time anyways.

edit: just how long have you been working on this since?


We have had about 200 tc of the world covered, but then we really started working on it about 2 months ago, and now we are almost done.

FYI; there is 1600 total.


thanks, i was just curious.



I am happy happy to announce we have finished our 4x, 1,600 tc railroad!

Special thanks to @DGPG, LIF3, BROTHER RABBIT (me @Brer-Rabbit lol), @Blocknuggets , ROSIE POSIE 101, BEKAH BLUE 101, MOO IM A FISH, @Dylanjdj , @SomeRandomUser , I LOVE CREATION, @jemnidad, REBEL PRINCESS, @NYCCI, and IAN. Those are our builders of the large railroad from when we were both Giants and Code Cars!


This is correct! Thanks for all the help from everyone that helped.
Having this 4x railroad will make it quick and easy to travel from providence to providence and what not,I’m sure everyone will get much use out of this 4x railway. :blush:


We are opening in a week, not whitelisting. :slight_smile:


Here is when we placed the final block of the railroad!


Will the railroad slowly be flattened?


No plans for that now, but all rails are flat enough to ride on without stopping. I am gonna make some tourist attractions though. :smiley:


We also have plans to build a far underground subway which would be completely flat.


what I expect


Me also


and also


We are currently building a waterpark out of a mountain that will look like a volcano! Diving missions, shark rides, boat rides, and the like. New projects are always going on at GIANTS! See you all on Saturday!


Everything is being checked and double checked to ensure the server maintains a high standard for the grand opening😀


Yeah, thanks for helping out Lucy!


Aww! Thanks so much, if you don’t mind, could you also protect some of the things that look like they need to be protected? There is quite a few of those places :raspberry: