Cloud Server: GIANTS - Thrive like a GIANT



We are currently building a waterpark out of a mountain that will look like a volcano! Diving missions, shark rides, boat rides, and the like. New projects are always going on at GIANTS! See you all on Saturday!


Everything is being checked and double checked to ensure the server maintains a high standard for the grand opening😀


Yeah, thanks for helping out Lucy!


Aww! Thanks so much, if you don’t mind, could you also protect some of the things that look like they need to be protected? There is quite a few of those places :raspberry:


So excited :slight_smile:


Sure, I will go online later and do some more touch ups👍🏼.


Is the server public yet? I can’t seem to find it on the search list :confused:




3 AM for me. :clap:
But I probably will find myself busy and just check in to see the builds and admire the place then disappear–seems to be an unfortunate habit of mine…


thats 20:00 for me!


That’s actually a time I will be able to play!!! :smiley:


Nice, hope to see you there.


I’ll try to drop by and clean up my breeding center animal hotel
Then I think I’ll start building a town if I can


Protection signs have been placed on large and aesthetic builds, you will all love this server no doubt!


Thank you so much! :blush:


Oooooh, I’m so excited! One more day ‘till the server opens publicly!


Since Giants opens tomorrow, I wanted to share the official Discord link.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Just a little less than 15 hours till we open, hope it everything that you’re hoping it would be! :smiley:


I’m can’t be on when it opens :confused: it’ll be 5am for me XD


Ah that stinks. Hope you have a great time when you do get to play though. :slight_smile: