Cloud Server: GIANTS - Thrive like a GIANT



Look at Lucycook’s lovely donkey farm!


that donkey head is freaking me out


My attempt at pixel art without looking at any photos😂, not very good right.


Made great progress on the magma subway today! Thanks @Brer-Rabbit for all the help and items!

Also, I realised how hard it is to be a server owner today. Props to all world owners!


You did a great job Ray. I’ll place tracks soon and darn, I forgot to give you a new pickaxe I think. Next time we meet. :slight_smile:

New builds by DGPG and Taliana! The Magma rail is already about 50 TC long.

I am gonna design a new cool build soon, I just need to think of a design.


Could whoever took my trade portal leave it in one of the safes at spawn? I kinda needed it


I didn’t take it. I’m sorry for your trade portal loss. :cry:


Rip trade portal


Oh someone took your trade portal. I was thinking it’s a glitch that you clicking area then gold coin appears on the white box. :lol:


Taliana finished up her build. :slight_smile:


More progress on the railway! @Ziameter helped early on as well!
@Brer-Rabbit sorry I couldn’t stay until you came, I finished the pickaxe you gave me as well XD


Eh I think Lucy may have borrowed it, if I need to take it I’ll take it, but the animal hotel is making progress :3


Oh so sorry Frater, yes, just been online and have got 2 trade portals in my inventory, must’ve borrowed it when I built the donkey company. I shall place it back above your building.


Whenever I try to connect it won’t load :confused:


someone keeps digging a massive pit in the rails. fell into it 5 times and almost died twice.


Oh wow. I didn’t know there was multiple of them. I caught one and fixed it, also, what is your ign on there?


TZF. (with the dot)


The ones actually damaged rails, did you damage rails?




Awesome TZF!
@anon85547976 Okay, so that’s not your hole then. Whoever did it did it to cause damage.