Cloud Server: GIANTS - Thrive like a GIANT



TZF. (with the dot)


Wait, did one of them have a soft bed? That’s my shelter!


The ones actually damaged rails, did you damage rails?




I would never!


Awesome TZF!
@LilAngel119 Okay, so that’s not your hole then. Whoever did it did it to cause damage.


Besides, I’ve abandoned my dear shelter to live at spawn!!


or death, in my case.


Brer, who’s Bb?


BB bullets


I dunno what you mean, but you should probably PM if this is about a person.


IN chat, you said Have fun, bb!


be back=bb


Stop saying “boi”. “Boi” is cringe at its purest form. :smiley:


Be polite DGPG, but yes it does clutter the thread.


Removed off-topic posts. Please stay on topic. Thanks.


Thank you.
@Brer-Rabbit I added a smiley face so it’s nice :sunglasses:


It’s only one word.
Eh, I’ll only say it in the server


Asyc has deleted off topic posts twice now, I kindly ask you to keep things on topic. :smiley:


Finally! It has been a very slow moving process, and definitely hasn’t really been a priority, but giants finally has it’s first tamed rainbow unicorn!