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or death, in my case.


BB bullets


I dunno what you mean, but you should probably PM if this is about a person.


be back=bb


Stop saying “boi”. “Boi” is cringe at its purest form. :smiley:


Be polite DGPG, but yes it does clutter the thread.


Removed off-topic posts. Please stay on topic. Thanks.


Thank you.
@Brer-Rabbit I added a smiley face so it’s nice :sunglasses:


Asyc has deleted off topic posts twice now, I kindly ask you to keep things on topic. :smiley:


Finally! It has been a very slow moving process, and definitely hasn’t really been a priority, but giants finally has it’s first tamed rainbow unicorn!


Great job DGPG!
Speaking of a great job, I waited for you to post your cool luminous plaster trains, but I guess I’ll post them since you haven’t.

I will build a new hotel at my providence in a little bit! :smiley:


Where are the dank white unicorns
I need to steal borrow a few


I could give you some next time me and you are on, who knows when that will be though lol.


Broken dodo i found


I’ve been working on a new hotel at my providence, this is what it looks like so far. I’ll post what it looks like when I finish it too. :slight_smile:


nice one!


Thanks! :smiley:


looks a bit like two large MT. dew drinks to me! :joy:


Built below spawn at the magma rail, introducing the rainbow racetrack


Yep! We now have an awesome unicorn race track just below spawn near the magma rail at emerald bank.