Cloud Server: GIANTS - Thrive like a GIANT



Great job DGPG!
Speaking of a great job, I waited for you to post your cool luminous plaster trains, but I guess I’ll post them since you haven’t.

I will build a new hotel at my providence in a little bit! :smiley:


Where are the dank white unicorns
I need to steal borrow a few


I could give you some next time me and you are on, who knows when that will be though lol.


Broken dodo i found


I’ve been working on a new hotel at my providence, this is what it looks like so far. I’ll post what it looks like when I finish it too. :slight_smile:


nice one!


Thanks! :smiley:


looks a bit like two large MT. dew drinks to me! :joy:


Built below spawn at the magma rail, introducing the rainbow racetrack


Yep! We now have an awesome unicorn race track just below spawn near the magma rail at emerald bank.


I have built an animal launchpad near spawn finally! :slight_smile:


Using the magma rail, it takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds (2:15) to travel 50 tc using a handcar.
This means that once the magma rail is done, it will only take a flying time of 72 minutes (1:12) to travel around the world, and 36 minutes to travel from the spawn to the anti spawn.
We currently have a bit over 300 dug out. It isn’t really a priority right now, though we do hope to get it done pretty soon.


I am sorry for not being as active nowadays. I am kinda busy and am not able to do as much for the magma rail. I hope to get more done soon though.


That’s is completely fine, heh i just came back from about a 4+ week break myself :wink:


Here’s my review of Giants! :slight_smile:


“DJPG” :lol:




Oh and just an FYI, that hotel around the 2 minute mark is actually made from painted steel and was made nearly 2 years ago :lol:


By LDShadowLady?


It was made by @Moo_im_a_fish