Cloud Server: GIANTS - Thrive like a GIANT

GIANTS is a mixture of economy, PVP, survival, and building with a world wide railroad, We are a 4x world, that means the world is 1,600 TC. :slight_smile:

We have three types of land divisions, providences, sub providences and territories.


Providences are areas usually composed of 2-10 cities, usually as long as 30-100 TC in distance. Providences are where most of the economy and competitions are located. Providences are a good place to build towers and hotels, protection signs are allowed. Providence land should be very well landscaped.



Sub providences are usually only 1 city; usually ranging from 10-30 TC in distance, sub providences are also where economy takes place and some competitions are held in. Sub providences do not have to be particularly well landscaped, and any trusted player may create one if they have enough money and permission from @Brer-Rabbit or @DGPG. Protection signs are allowed in sub providences.


Territories are a place to survive on your own, though you may come back to the providences any time you choose.

Protection signs are not allowed in territories, so we advise you to make your bases hidden well; anyone could raid it.

Protection signs can be allowed on rare occasions if staff agree upon it.

Having this system make this a great server for anyone. Being able to live out on your own, to living the a city life in a hotel and making your money off of competitions and your job.

Have you tried our tracks?

From our welcome message: Welcome! Here you will have a lot of fun from our sole based economy server to our sculpture building to even racing! Before you proceed, please read some more. :arrow_down:

How the economy system works:

A few ways to gain money is by fighting in the arena, getting a job, racing, or winning an event!

Need a home? Buy a plot for 125 plat, or build in a territory.

Though there’s a catch to living in a territory.

Your house may not be protected. Any one could raid it.

You may build on that plot. Either a house or a shop. If you desire more you may buy more plots. If you do not want to spend money on a plot, you may rent a hotel room. Hotels are usually cheaper depending on class. Prices will be on a sign telling you the price.

-Rules Of The PvP arena

-each player/participant, will be given 1 or 2 safes, (depending on how much stuff you have in your inventory), you will completely empty your inventory, then an admin will break the iron door to let you into the arena, then when Everyone that wants to play is in, an admin will start the battle. Make sure that you will have plenty of time to play because depending on how many players there is, one battle could take up to an hour. Also, you will each agree about how many coins you will each have to pay to get into the fight, then you each give the coins to an admin, and the winner will get all of the coins.

You can get Bigcoins by joining daily, doing activities, and hanging out. Each Bigcoin is worth 10 Gold Coins.

🔴Please read all rules/expectations to avoid getting banned🔴
  • Be respectful and kind towards others, if you aren't do not expect them to be kind back.
  • Follow all instructions from all staff (Mod/Admin) no matter what. Staff know what they are doing, It is for a good reason.
  • Do not ask for mod or admin, you will not be given the promotion. People are promoted based on trust and loyalty.
  • Please do not use any foul language. We do not tolerate offensive behavior. Let's make this server for all ages.
  • Do not be problematic. This is a drama free zone. If you aren't comfortable with something. Speak to one of our staff to deal with the situation.
  • Spam is not tolerated. Spam of any sort will cause you to get demoted, kicked, or even banned for a period of time.
  • You may have pvp anywhere only in the arena. However if you attack new players and ruin others players' experience in this server, you will be banned. (Sometimes pvp will be disabled.)
  • Hacked items are PROHIBITED. (Not allowed)
  • ABSOLUTELY NO USE OF pirated tc, they ruin the game!
  • You may not play on our server with peverted pictures or usernames/blockhead names. If so, you will be asked to change your picture/username/blockhead name. If you ignore the following you will be risking banishment.
    These rules are all explained properly, please note if any of these are broken you will be banned. We do not kick very often.
    if you have read to this point, you would probably guess this, but there is NO DUPLICATING PERMITTED.

    ROP (short for Revenge of the Players) is a group of servers and server owners that share a big blacklist and are against cheating and inappropriate behavior, you may get banned on other ROP servers if you are banned here. We are an ROP server.
    say "I am ready to make money!" If you read the rules.and you will get a starter 5 plat. If you have read to this point, thank you. You may now play on our server.




    We are now public, come and check out the server and…

    Thrive like a GIANT!

    GIANTS; Modern, yet wild…

    Originally Code Cars by DGPG.


    Good job. XD


    Sorry about that! LOL.

    Now it’s ready, although I may change it around a bit soon.


    Oh, wow! I’m excited. Do you think you could open it a little earlier for some? Not to be rude, it just looks :breaths: incredulous!


    Heyyyy that handcar pic is @DGPG ‘s profile pic! :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


    We’ll open before 1.7, PM me if you want toe whitelisted. I’m planning on having an early small amount of whitelisted players.

    @Prototype Yep! It originates here from back when it was Code Cars.


    “If we could be GIANTS, woah oh oh…”

    Only the owner the post their world…
    Unless Milla changed the owner too you.


    Yes! And along with the new name and ownership, we have had a lot of changes! We are now custom! Me and brer didn’t want to risk people ruining the entire system by people bringing in money from other worlds. We also now have a new spawn, after realizing the old one kinda looked a bit too farimilier. Annnnnnnd last but not least…We have a bot! Our virtual currency are called BIGCOINS! And each one is worth 10 gold, and can be traded with an admin whenever you would like!

    @Brer-Rabbit could you please ad some of what I said to the op? Thanks. :slight_smile:

    If you would like to be a staff and help us out with the server please contact me or Brer. :wink:

    @GoodGradesBoy Milla Changed the owner :wink:


    How many coins are they worth, and big?


    Giants are big, why not? :smiley:

    Ten gold coins.


    @GoodGradesBoy :wink:


    can I sneak on early… this world is zetta wicked




    Yes, but we currently only have three staff. We will hire more.


    Ooh, the server looks beautiful! Can I also hop on early, or should I just wait?


    Right now, we are only letting people in that would be a dedicated staff, and help out the server if you think that would be good for you, pm me or @Brer-Rabbit . Thx for your interest! :smiley:

    We will start letting players on later this month :wink:


    Woah… can i help prepare it for 1.7? Also since im in a oppisete time zone maybe i could watch the server during that time. I will be most active on the weekends and wednesdays.


    Ooh, okay. I’d like to help, but I actually don’t think I’d be of much help. :stuck_out_tongue: Because I’m not really sure how active I am, and am far from the spectacular builder…anyway, good luck; later this month isn’t a long time–I’ll visit when it opens!


    Ooh. Noice. Wait… THAT’S AWESOME!

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    Yes, that one is defunct.

    @Keiraiscoolio99 Your timezone isn’t as bad as you think it is, I can even be on at the same time as you probably. PM me. You can definitely help.

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