Cloud Server: HD 40307 b

Before we begin, I would like to thank everyone that helped!

Thanks Derpy and @Thuthu for the design input!
Thanks @Louz, @GoodGradesBoy, @agentpinkdog, and @4u3i for helping build!

I couldn’t have done it without you guys! :smiley:

Anyway, this is a sequel to Survival of Time, though I have dropped the “of time” name-scheme. We put a boatload of effort into the server, so I really hope you enjoy it!

Now open!!! Here’s the join link:

Here’s the discord server:

If you have any ideas – suggestions, criticisms, praises, etcetera – for the server please let us know!

Welcome to HD 40307 b!


1. There is absolutely no spoiling. This includes discussing things that you see on the server.

2. Do not share with other pod dwellers. You may not help other players whatsoever, and this includes tips, guiding, giving them items, or more. Punishment is left to the staff's discretion.

3. Script kiddies and cheaters get an immediate ban. Cheating is defined as duplicating items, using malicious hacks or glitches, or doing anything else deemed unfair by staff.

4. Do not be purposely annoying by spamming in chat, on signs, or by any other means.

5. You may tame animals that you have, as long as they are located inside of your pod. You may never tame a mob within the walls of the pod complex. The confines of the pod complex include 25 time crystals in both directions.

6. Once you leave the pod complex, you may never, at any time, return to spawn. This will result in an immediate ban. If you die, you must either start over in a pod or teleport out of the complex.

7. PVP is not allowed inside the pod complex; however, it is allowed outside the walls.

8. To inquire about a second account, contact Porky for approval.

9. If any of these rules are unclear, please ask a member of the staff for confirmation.

About HD 40307 b

The world as you know it is no longer. Centuries of global warming have caused Earth to become uninhabitable, and it's time to find a new home. Scientists have discovered a viable planet about 42 light years away. Your task is to repopulate your new home. You will be given some basic tools and shelter to survive, it will be difficult. When you are able, explore the barren landscape. The government has provided stability by way of the rules of the pods. Good luck, you'll need it.


1. When you spawn in, meditate while you wait for an admin to assign a pod to you. Materials gained through meditation may prove useful later on.

2. After you plant the tree in your pod, meditate until it bears fruit. Gather a variety of them, then explore the complex, but beware of other inhabitants.

3. Complete your task as soon as you're able: leave the pod complex and spread your wings into the world.


I think I am interested, though I can’t guarantee my activity will be perfect. Since I barely play blockheads I will try my best.

This is the link to the discord server:

Discord is the best way to request an admin.

I’m definitely joining! :smiley:

Pod Beautification Challenge

Starting now and ending 1 week from today, you are invited to design your pod to match one of the following categories: nature, sci-fi, and renaissance.

At 2019-07-10T22:00:00Z , I will choose one pod from each category. You must place a sign in your pod that states which of the three categories your pod is designed like.

Each of the 3 pods chosen will receive a prize that will be announced on Wednesday.


I like nature, I could try it but it may not be very perfect.

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This sever seems interesting. If I had more time… about the server name,

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Could you restock the chilies, because my last one died on me.

You may take over my pod, as I have no intentions of coming back.

Tomorrow is the end of the pod challenge. Make sure you use this time wisely and complete it before then! Also be sure that you place a sign in your pod that states which of the 3 categories your pod is in.

There’s four hours left! If you are participating, now is the time to finish up and add your sign.

Time’s up! The winners are:

Sci-fi: @Louz
Renaissance: im kinda cool
Nature: miami mi

I will give you your prize when I see you guys on. Congrats!


Pod Beautification Challenge

Starting now, you are invited to design your pod to match the following category: zoo.

At 2019-07-24T22:00:00Z , Miami mi will choose one pod from each category. You must place a sign in your pod that states that you are participating in the zoo contest.

Three pods will receive a prize that will be announced on Wednesday.

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Congrats! The winners are:

  1. Catage
  2. Kunoichiblanc
  3. Husky

I have asked Vbabe to hand out the prizes to the winners. A huge thanks to everyone that participated!


Here are screenshots. It was tricky to keep them all fed and in position for their photo.



amazing !!

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Made an announcement on discord, but I find it prudent to state it here as well.

Sorry for being absent from the server! I will start playing more. The issue is that school is taking up so much time, and then I don’t have the energy to manage a server once I’m done with the homework. But I will do better! Multitasking and such.

Ahem. Anyway, thanks for everyone’s patience and support, I’ll see you guys on later. :slight_smile:

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Well, we all know which is more important. If you have any world staff who aren’t as pressured as you maybe delegate, so you can just play for relaxation :slight_smile:


The credit runs out in a few minutes :slightly_frowning_face:

Edit: No credit