Cloud server: Land of Nature

WELCOME TO Land of Nature!

I hope you enjoy the server is nature’s life

Simple Rules

1.No killing animals

2.Don’t cut our trees

3.Don’t use other languages

4.Don’t be rude/mean/bad

5.No killing chat,foul languages,cheating,role play!

6.No stealing other stuff.

7.No hacked stuff

8.No colored pole items and ownership signs

9.No using named copied or censored images

10.No asking for mod and admins

11.To be sure u read the rules use other profile pic in blockheads not default pic Ok to know we know you already read the rules.


Rules for ownership signs

1.Make your owned ownership sign or take it in your portal chest.

2.Ask and give your ownership signs to admins.

3.Tell to admins where they will place the ownership signs


1. Please refrain from using foul language or inappropriate pictures. You will be asked to stop or change your picture before we begin to kick or ban you.

2. Any hackers will be immediately banned and their name and iP will be recorded. Even mentioning that you are a hacker or having “hacker” in your username will result in a ban. Please use the report button to report hackers to the owner.

3. You will be BANNED for impersonating ANY staff member. Even saying you are related will result in a ban. Don’t try it.

4. Please do not ask for mod or admin. Promotions will be made after careful consideration and a majority vote by the current staff team.

5. No begging for items. Our staff will not tolerate players who beg and constantly ask for items. You will begin with certain starter items and that is all that you will be given. DUPING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

6. DO NOT rapidly sell or buy items at a TP dropping every item onto the ground and lagging us all. Make space first! You will be banned after a warning if you don’t.

7. PvP is disabled. You cannot ask for team battle. NO asking to PvP ON attack players for no reasons> Stop means STOP.

8. No portals are to be placed within 20 tcs of spawn! Any portals placed inside the designated spawn area will be confiscated!

9. THERE WILL BE ZERO (0) TOLERANCE for players that exploit glitches to their advantage. Doing so will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN.

10. All instructions given by the staff must be followed. Failure to do so can/will result in a kick or ban.

11. No advertising servers. We do not go to yours to recruit players so please refrain from doing so here.

Building rules

1.Not allowed build in spawn even our civilizations.

2.You can build far away from the spawn within 20tc from spawn

3.No destroying oceans sky island and if u cut gem trees its crime if u ask.

4.If you absent for months your builds will removed for not being active and others want to build there.

5.No using unmined blocks even the unbreakable blocks.


Sounds pretty awesome, I might join

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Can u please share the link
Thank you

Search DARKHORSE thats the server name ok

Here the link btw

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Thank you for help cate

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When you make someone triggered but you gotta be somewhere


Yeah. Lol

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Hi Dark

Your spawn is beautiful nature :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks real starlight XD

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:stuck_out_tongue: some of the bulletpoints are formatted as links, I did not know that was a website XD


hmmm, block.heads nope does not format as link :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s because there’s no space after the full stop.

Dark can u be more active pls i need to tell u something

Sorry sierra im so busy from school so i cant active more as i can :frowning: But u can message me here ok.

This world is so beautiful you should join right now

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Please I’m inviteing every one to join right now! Because we started Competitions today! Today you can make animal pixel art and tomorrow making a related from thanksgivings like we revived in real life! I hope you join to our competitions. Thank you and have fun! :slight_smile:

Competition end :frowning: