Cloud Server:=MGN=SkylandCity:Website

Hello Casper here,I would just like to ask if someone to help me create me a html/css documents for a website that I’m making for =MGN=Skyland City.Please reply so I can add you on skype and we can talk about it more on there.Or privately message me on here as I would like to talk about this in private,As I do not want people to copy it.I also might give a free helper/mod rank to people who help.To view my server just click here.(Need to find it) I would also be greatful if someone could help me get ahold of a portal chest on my server and I had a server for me and my friends and I would like to transfer some items to this server. Thankyou for helping me.

Regards, Casper

Can’t you just use MGN’s website?

I would rather have my own as they have replied after a week and 4 days…

Creating new accounts to get around bans just lengthens your ban, and gets the new accounts merged into the old. This is the second one. The next one will take it out to four months.

He also has Steam gift card scams on his channel.

Not very trustworthy.

I did not add them steam cards,Which I have jsut checked out and they are fake.Maybe next time you should see if it works.Or if they are lies/fakes.

Great work Casper. Going to get banned for four months?

And This is only my second account which I am using for my server purpose only.And I dont see what I did wrong with my first account.To get a 2 Month ban.Now Im trying to work out how long a hacker would be banned for.

Why would I be banned for 4 months?I dont even know what I did in the first place to get banend for 2 months and the thing is you can ban me all you want I have 10s of gmail accounts and hotmails and yahoos I have acquired over the pass 6 years from various reasons.

You shared hacked trade portal stuff. I guess so anyway.

Casper- I advise you stop creating more accounts.

I did only share them to those with the code on my video on my newest cheats/glitchs channel,Which I will not give out as you will probably report it for some random Scheiße.I can do what ever I want. I can get ip banned-Dont care-Porxy or change ip.If you report me? I dont care you wont be able to. Do what ever you want because I will always be here on some account doing what I can and want.And if you go on said servers you can get hundred s of hack trade portals.

Or what may I ask?

The thing is that nobody really wants hacked items in this community. And I’m confident that our community manager can stop players constantly recreating accounts. Or at least ban them until you get tired of making them. Also, IP bans don’t work anyway, my IP changes whenever I reboot my home router.

I would love to see them try…oh wait they cant.

Well I dont mind spending 5 mins making a account every 15-30 mins Kinda a nice break from typing,Don’t you think?

No Pitbull, I don’t have the same sense of humour that you do.

I defo with kitten on this one for once , I hope milla is able to put a stop to it

Oooooo So close Millia Ip banning? What good does that do?,I just woke up and i see that ive been ip banned xD.I can change my ip as many times as I want without being stopped!

I have 34 email accounts and if you keep merging them then the one i just used I can re use and re use and reuse but then Ip banning? I can change my ip.Or use a proxy