Cloud Server: Red Vs. Blue


Red Vs. Blue


Owner: IM HUGO
PvP: Enabled
World Size: 1/4
Oceans: Small oceans
Temperature: Very cold
Rainfall: Very wet
Death: No Regeneration
Max Blockheads: 3
NPC/Mob difficulty: Hard
Trade portals: Disabled


  1. No stealing from teammates
  2. No killing teammates
  3. Do NOT fight inside the spawn building!
  4. When fighting someone hiding in doors, pausing, or leaving the game mid fight is considered CHEATING!
  5. No hacking, glitching, scripting, etc.
  6. A red cannot place portals on blue side and a blue cannot place portals on red side. If you are a rouge ask the admin/owner about portals.
  7. Do not break a teammates houses or buildings.
  8. Don’t ask for admin. If you do there’s zero chance you’ll get it.
  9. No trade portals or jet packs.
  10. Follow any rules and guidelines by the blockheads.
  11. Have fun! Build a house, start a farm, build a fort to protect your teams land. Anything!

Information to know:

When you spawn in you will have a set of items. Among those items is a fur coat and red/blue dye. Use these to color your coat and pick a team: Blue or Red. If you decide not to dye your coat or to dye it purple you will be considered a rouge and will be an enemy of both blue team and red team.

Hello! This is my first time advertising a server. I hope I did everything right and nothing wrong. If I did do something wrong please inform me and I will change it.

Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated

I am the red general. :sunglasses:


ATTENTION! I am looking for players willing to take up a leadership position on a server. PM me or join our discord to ask about it.


and no starters? cuz like me some custom

but my mom only lets me use my phone on weekends now,bummer


The crimson arsenal will prevail!


I think you should choose one of the best but there will be a trial when he/she finished all the trials you can choose him/her you can just pvp if who will won he/she will be the choosen one from the position you said :wink:


No purple! If you want to be a dark color I guess you’re joining blue :slight_smile:


there already is a blue General …


I’ll be the yellow general.


I’ll be the dark purple General.


@Haduj8 @WumboJumbo @SomeRandomUser There are no official yellow or purple teams. They can be made but they will be considered a rouge group.

@Prototype @anon85547976 I am looking for a blue team replacement.

@Blocknuggets I will give the position only to people who want it and will ask.

@Kingmaharjan10 There are no starters in terms of swords, armor or items. Your starter is your spawn-in items.


Who’s on what side?


I was joking.




I will join red


Me too red team! I was thinking theres a black team lol but no need hehe…

Is the server is available to joined? Pm me if theres already share the link for server thanks!


This server is getting to be popular and it’s competition is an anime roleplay server.


Who’s team should I be on?


Lol weak competition :joy:


Red!! :slight_smile: