Cloud Server: Sharkjaw City

When I logged in on owner portal today, something surprised me. One of my old servers, that was created on 25 March 2017, that I never really opened, was running? What?! It ran out of credit long ago! I joined and saw, it had 7 days of credit. Someone must have added credit… I joined the server, and everything was the same as when I left it last time. As some of you might know, I always tried creating a server but gave up at some point.


Well, welcome to Sharkjaw City, everybody!

Meet new friends, explore, trade with other players and much more! But, you will spawn with only a flint spade, 5 oranges and a basket. There are no starters, and none of our staff members gives out free items. There are no trade portals, portals and portal chests allowed. Although, there is enough to find! You can go fishing, exploring or just simply collect fruit, the choice is yours. Trade with other players or get a job to become rich!


Every server needs rules to keep the game fun for everyone. Please follow these rules. The consequences of breaking any rule can be a kick, temporary ban or even a permanent ban.

  • Do not ask for admin or mod. The owner is the only one who will decide who will become a staff member. Asking will only make your chances smaller.

  • No hacking or duplicating. This includes hacked/pirated TCs. Hacking/pirating TCs is stealing from the game, and it’s not legal.

  • Portal chests, trade portals and portals are allowed only for some admins. You have to work for items yourself, or just buy some from the shops or from others.

  • No griefing and stealing. Treat others the way you want to be treated. No one likes when the buildings they worked on get destroyed.

  • Please do not spam or lag the server in any purposely way. It makes the server crash, and makes some players unable to play.

  • Do not use inappropriate language or have an inappropriate name and/or picture. This is a kids-friendly game. Keep it like that!

  • We don’t give out free items or “starters”. You have to work for everything yourself. Go collect fruit, mine, hunt, there is enough to do to get items.

  • Do not roleplay on this server. This isn’t a roleplay server. If you want to roleplay, go to one of our roleplay servers! (In progress)

  • Please, don’t advertise your servers here. That doesn’t include saying your server’s name when someone asks for it. Just don’t come here to ask players to go to your server, please.

  • Do not date on this server. This is a game, not a dating site. Just as we already said above, we want to keep this place kids-friendly!

  • Please be mature and use proper grammar, at least, try to. Use commas, periods and question marks. I know it may take long to type, but if we all use punctuation, there will be no misunderstanding. Speak English only.

  • Be creative and have fun!

This is an economy server, however you can most likely do anything, as long as you follow the rules! To get money, you can get a job or trade with other players. There is a lot of more information on this welcome message, so make sure you’ll read it before asking questions. Good luck in the economy, and have fun!


Are you planning on keeping it up?

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I am not sure yet. I may try, but that server is really laggy for me, and I don’t know if others will like it. If I get enough players to join, and like the server, I might keep it up.

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You spawn in a city, that never actually got finished. Most of the buildings are finished, kinda.

Here are some of my favourite buildings

You can make your own coffee.

Buy random yet useful stuff in the supermarket!

Free fruit!

Eat expensive food at the restaurant!

Work at a factory and produce random stuff!

And my favourite, the clothing store. Look at these colors!

Yes, everything is very pricy in the city, but atleast there’s free fruit and coffee cherries everywhere!


The city is gorgeous! I love its style. :slight_smile: Well, in case you decide to not fund the server, I better drop by while I can.

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Wow your server looks amazing! :slightly_smiling_face: I like especially the coffee brewery and that there are so many trees, that‘s how I‘d imagine future cities to look like :smile:


Well, I need to know if others would like to help and play on it, because credit costs money, and I don’t want to throw the money away. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did that already. The problem is, no one joined. Someone added the credit and never joined.

I don’t know, the person didn’t join the server after adding the credit.

Is it on searchable?

It should be.

So, I think I’ve decided. I don’t think I am gonna fund this server. But, I am moving all the rainbow clothing shops to my portal chest, so I can still access them. I am thinking about making a new server, since I really love the idea of this server, but, it is lagging too much for me. Many embedded lights and paint, and many things I’d like to change because of the update. If I were to just change every block one by one and paint it, all again, I’d just get bored and abandon it. I don’t really want to destroy this place, either. Maybe someday I’ll come back to it. For the memories.


@The_Fading_Star HEY, IF YOU EVER CHECK THIS AGAIN…?? Find me on Discord… novemberbones#7980… We used to be friends in BHS. You’d know me as my deadname I believe but we can talk about it—.

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