Cloud Server: Summer Dreams


Here in Summer Dreams we like to welcome everyone so we have a zero tolerance policy against homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, racism, sexism or anything along the lines of that. All of our rules have purpose so please do not disobey them but if you do catch someone doing so, please press the report button or tell an online moderator or administrator, otherwise it will be more difficult to track them down.


  • Do not grief anywhere! Especially not someone else’s buildings or houses, this will lead to a ban.

  • No hacking, this will result in a permanent ban.

  • Do not litter! This is to prevent all lag in the server. We have a bin at spawn so please use it if you have unwanted items.

  • Please keep the server children friendly, this means no dating or swearing. This could possibly lead to a ban although you are most likely to only get a warning

  • No abusing any Administrators or Moderators, this is so that there will be no drama or problems in the server. You could possibly get banned if you are being extremely rude. This includes ignoring them as well.

  • Please do not ask to be an Administrator or Moderator! You will have to earn it by being kind and nice, obeying the rules, and being active. It will take time and patience to become one so please do not ask.

  • If you get kicked or a warning 3 times, you will get a ban. Although if you follow the rules and are always kind, you will not have to worry about this.

Administrators and Moderators

We try to make our admin and mods not only kind and responsibly but also active and trustworthy. We make sure they can deal with almost any situation that comes across them so that we have a fun and enjoyable time.
If you are thinking about being an admin or mod on Summer Dreams, you can always talk to us and we will think about it, although we prefer when mod/admins have played for a while on our server and have proved to us without asking that they are worthy of this rank.
We will be creating a chat for all admin and mods to discuss different ways we can improve the server, issues we are experiencing, rules we are creating, and much more. This is why we encourage our staff to have a forums account so they can be apart of this community as well.


Here are some photos from a few creations around the server differing from a sky castle to a small cafe.

Castle created by @Spectre.Spirit

Cafe created by Stella Pink

Spawn created by @belugae , allhailamericano and myself.


I highly recommend this child friendly server. It creates a fun environment for you to enjoy yourself whilst interacting with friends and being creative. It has a beautiful clean look to it and admins are always giving up their time to assist their fellow players. It is overall a beautiful server and YOU should definitely check it out!


This looks like a cool server! I’m going to join it!

Can you please post who the owner is? There are multiple servers by this name. The pictures look great and it looks like you’ve worked hard to establish a nice place for people to play. I’d like to add it to my list of Cloud Servers.


@Thuthu the owner is Batgirl80 :slight_smile:

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batgirl80 but the co-owner is belugae :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ll put it on the list as soon as I finish dinner. :blush::sandwich:


Well I never thought of a theme, I just imagined it to be a server for players to chat and build I guess. Although now that you bring it up I might change it up a bit to make it a little harder or something :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Today me and this other player Nolan expressed our pride by creating both a Pansexual flag and Bisexual flag. <3

Nolan’s house ^^^

My house ^^^


@80batgirl That’s awesome, love the way the Summer Dreams community support and lift each other up no matter religion, sexuality, and culture. Beautiful server once again!


I agree, @belugae. Inclusivity, tolerance and acceptance are so important and it’s great to see a server that celebrates these things. I definitely plan on visiting this server and supporting it in any way I can. Great job, @80batgirl.


What should I say? It is a good server but because of the abandonment duration so we mostly forgot this beautiful server. Some of the admins gone away, and maybe in the future there will be events and contests so the server will came back to life! Thanks for creating the server.


Or herself.

Cannot find Summer Dreams by @80batgirl be searching. Is it private or is the owner name different?

Click here to join Summer Dreams.

I found it.

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@80batgirl what’s the server type? Is it free build, survival, world from scratch, etc.? If I’m correct, it’s open so the settings you have there is what will form your theme. :slight_smile:

Merged double post into one.

If you were unable to connect to the server, it is because we had a serious issue and did not want to get anyone else involved.

I’m a moderator there and I’m telling you guys, you’ll love it!