Cloud Server: Summer Dreams



@80batgirl what’s the server type? Is it free build, survival, world from scratch, etc.? If I’m correct, it’s open so the settings you have there is what will form your theme. :slight_smile:


Merged double post into one.


If you were unable to connect to the server, it is because we had a serious issue and did not want to get anyone else involved.


I’m a moderator there and I’m telling you guys, you’ll love it!


We will be starting a new competition for Summer Dreams~!

In this competition, you will be asked to create pixel art of your choice in a sky island. @belugae and I will be choosing a winner on Sunday, 5th of May.

A few rules that we ask you to respect is not to grief another players pixel art if we have not yet protected it, do not copy another players idea, you are to still follow our building rules, and make sure to place a sign with your username on it near/next to your pixel art!

Please make sure your pixel art is not too far away from the sky islands near spawn as we may not notice it. We do understand if you go a little further away as our sky islands are a very popular building point.

If you have any questions feel free to message either me or Bel, as we will be answering all questions :slight_smile:


You are talking about an event that already closed. Unless you meant another date. Today’s the 29th April.


I think she is saying may because 5th may is sunday


Oh, just realised that i wrote April! Sorry my mistake, I meant to write May
I’ll change that now


shame i just found out about this 4 days left :confounded:


Don’t worry, you still have time! We may extend the deadline as not many players have participated :sweat:


Cool. Sorry wasnt able to reply, wifi problems. May it be ok if i request an extent for the dedline?


Yeah, we are going to extend it until 25/5/19 since not many players have participated sadly


Just joined - looks like a lovely world! I’m interested on the pixel art event - currently looking for an area to build at. Thanks for the extended time!


Hope you enjoy it! Sorry we do not have much staff on at the moment. We are all very busy with schoolwork but are working forwards to starting to play more often :slight_smile: