Cloud Server: Survival of Time



Sorry to ask but why on earth am i banned? :confused: can i atleast know why?


PM porky to find out, its kinda personal to him


So basically i got banned becaus a fake TheFoil was doing discord trolling


Might not be the case. I don’t see how banning you for something you didn’t do is necessary. But it isn’t my cup of tea to argue at all, so I’ll leave it at that. :slight_smile:


Indeed, good idea. (Putting this out there because i can’t like for a whole hour).


Admins, turn off the trade portals when you are done with them.


Please unban me :sob: I didn’t do anything, fake thefoil was doing discord trolling please unban me!


I already discussed this with you via private message. :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of being a moderator just for the chat rules you know. I’m becoming way more active here so you never know when someone cusses on the server or something.

Anyways, I love this server! Also 82 pods?? They have to be the same don’t they?


Does anybody know what happened? It’s protected and everything… Rogue admin?

Perhaps the alien invasion is starting…


Porky, is there a way to hide the code when doing achievements. I tried and everyone saw :frowning:


No, sadly. It is against the rules to copy a code someone else uses. Please pm me whoever did this.

@Taffy your trees are gone? I don’t really see anything else odd. I think the trees burned down from the fire in the center pod.

Please give me ideas for the bot! Go on the server, and type “/op (what you want added/removed)”. :smiley:


Strangely enough, chile plants cause fires when left unattended… Figured that one out the hard way :joy:


Was it a chili
Or a campfire below
Campfires burn blocks 2 blocks above them


I went inactive for some time and lost my pod and everything in it… Can an admin please set me up with a new pod? My ign is john4580


I would like to thank @Dancer95 for adding her wonderful touch to my server!


Awesome job @Dancer95!!!


I made it from the left wall to the right wall!!!

Edit: uhhh @bilingual we need more pods


More pods? That is a lot of work ;-:


Why not build separate pod facilities? Or would not a single blockhead manage to survive the trip?