Cloud Server: Survival of Time



Well, some people almost have all their hunger gone before they reach the bottom so…

We could build upwards… I’m afraid people will die of cold though.


If you installed elevators it’d be quicker to get to your pod


Maybe add more steam generators?

Oh wait... Lag. Never mind, then.


Testif laughs menacly as iphones everywhere beg for mercy.
But yeah, there are becoming a lot of pods. I listen to everyone complain about it


@Dylanjdj, I found another troll, in the same cave as last time.


Not sure what to do with them yet. We’ll figure it out


He needs to settle down gippy. Gippy goes from waaaay too loving to killer in seconds… I medded next to him for 10 minutes trying to get him to move… then bam. Dead… twice in a row… grrr hehe


Gippy must not like you he must think girls are ewwwwwww


Lol @Dylanjdj. I blame Gippy’s lovingness on Bekah :):sweat_smile:


Whitelisting the server while new pods are built. :wink:


Watch your gonna have a total of 200 pods by the time 1.7 comes out :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea and they will make big lake inside of spawn building and make people spawn with boats to let them reach their pod before starving to death.


I think elevators will be necessary soon, or another lettering of pods



  1. Would you mind spending some of that fine gold in Testifica? :smiley:
  2. “Frater Galaxy has removed this chat for your convenience and safety, and totally not for any sinister purposes”
  3. Galaxy? I be confused…


Sure. Gold shall make testifica great again

It’s either Frater Universe (F_) Or frater Galaxy (FG)

Unless you want to watch players getting banned for saying offensive stuff, I will keep the chat blocked


Now that’s a lot of gold!


Where the Gold was. (all of that was gold)

Stacks for dayz


You got 99 platanium coins! (If you convert all that gold)


Wow! Your rich!