Cloud Server: Survival of Time



Server is currently whitelisted. With beta, I am not able to moderate as much…

Please ask here to be whitelisted. :slight_smile:


I’m currently quite busy as well and am not able to get on that server.


@bilingual can i be whitelisted or no?


What is your IGN?



Is a sentence rule


Done. :slight_smile:


Can you whitelist me aswell?


Done. :slight_smile:


Thank you :blush:


IGN: Frater Universe
May I be added?


School has taken up almost all of my time TBH. Lol.


I think @Made_to_love is summoning twigs!!!


Quick! Barricade the holes! Protect the meditators!
Dampen the steam generators and burn the trees! The temple of the storming brain cannot fall!


Dodo whisperer




Maybe hehehhe… One day this server shall be full of twigs!


Finnaly made my first camera in SoT

Anyways, I’ve been building a spawn for a sky city by 79_______ (i don’t remeber honestly)


Please be patient guys… I deleted a file accidentally and have to redo the bot from scratch…


The server got hacked?


We were? It looks fine to me…

Do you mean


If so, no. It was my fault completely.


That moment when you just placed a trapdoor for compost and in the breath right before it actually is placed you notice the block to it’s right is titanium, and you missed the chance to pull it back. :joy::roll_eyes:

Molly-Pop spent a nice long afternoon breaking a single titanium trap door with her hands and sleeping by TC in between so as to not lose progress. :joy: No tools, no food, no strength. Lol - Fun times.